Technology Director/Data Specialist



  1. Supervisory skills 
  1. Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university 

Reports to:    Superintendent 

Supervises:  All technology non-certificated staff within the Technology Department of the Kimberly Public Schools. 

Job Goal:  To use leadership, supervisor, and administrative skills to promote and support the technology and educational development of students and staff. To ensure student information system is continuously maintained to meet district/state/federal reporting requirements. 


1.   Oversees the operation of the Kimberly School District technology department 


2.   Liaison between outsourced service providers and KSD technology department. 

3.   Works with Network Manager in planning and providing for the installation and 

       maintenance of data, voice, and video services. 

4.   Coordinates with Network Manager and outsourced service to ensure upgrades and 

       other necessary maintenance is up to date for district network infrastructure. 

5.   Coordinates with Curriculum/Professional Development Director to integrate  

       technology in the classroom. 

6.   Coordinates district technical training. 

7.   Approves tech equipment purchases. 

8.   Coordinates with outsourced E-rate consultant for yearly e-rate budgets/purchases. 

9.   Works with teachers, administrators, and other staff to ensure compliance with the

       law and district policies in technology programs. 

10. Assumes responsibility for budget planning and management for district technology  

       budgets with the assistance of District Business Manager. 

11. Maintains and updates PowerSchool SIS system. Coordinates support and training for  

       SIS (PowerSchool) with office staff and teachers. 

12. Troubleshoots integration issues with PowerSchool and other district programs such

        as Canvas, Transfinder, Ren Place, etc.) 

13. Tracks CRDC information and other district data as needed. 

14. Assumes responsibility for his/her own professional growth and development; for 

       keeping current with literature, new research findings, and improved techniques, and  

       for current administrative, instructional, and organization trends. 

15. Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as the 

       superintendent may assign. 

Terms of Employment:  Technology Director’s salary will be determined by Superintendent and approved by the Board of Trustees.   

Evaluation:  Technology Director’s performance will be evaluated annually by the Superintendent of Schools.