Child Nutrition Tray Washer


  1. Demonstrated aptitude and initiative for successful performance of the tasks listed.
  2. High school diploma or equivalent.


  1. One year’s experience in a school lunch program.

Reports to and Evaluated by:
Kitchen Manager and Child Nutrition Director


Job Goal:
To maintain the highest standards of sanitation and cleanliness in dishwashing and custodial duties.


  1. Prepares dishwashing machine for use at lunch time.
  2. Washes and sanitizes all trays and dishes in dishwashing machine.
  3. Scrapes, rinses both sides of trays and arranges them for dishwashing.
  4. Washes trays in water temperature of 140 F and rinsed flatware in 180 F water.
  5. Stores dry flatware in clean containers.
  6. Reports any items on lunch tray thrown out, in excess, by students to kitchen manager.
  7. Responsible for dishwashing area and machine.
  8. Reports mechanical and water temperature malfunctions of dishwashing machine to kitchen manager immediately.
  9. Thoroughly strips, cleans and maintains dishwashing machine daily.
  10. Cleans tray washing area daily.
  11. Perform other tasks and assume other responsibilities as the kitchen manager and Child Nutrition Director and/or Superintendent and/or board may deem necessary.

Physical Demands: (Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable a person with a disability to perform the essential functions.)

The physical requirements indicated below are examples of the physical aspects that this position classification must perform in carrying out essential job functions.

  • Persons performing service in this position classification will exert 50 lbs. of force frequently to lift, carry, push, pull, or otherwise move objects.
  • This type of work involves standing most of the time, but will involve walking or sitting for extended periods
  • Perceiving the nature of sound, near and far vision, depth perception, providing oral information, the manual dexterity to operate business related equipment, and handle and work with various materials and objects are important job aspects.

Terms of Employment:
9 months – 90 days probation – salary per salary schedule

This position shall be considered in all respects “employment at will” and the employee is subject to discharge by the district at any time without cause. The “employment period” and other descriptions and terms set forth in this job description shall not create a property right in the employee and such are set forth only to advise the employee of when and what type of services will be required by the district so long as employment continues.

Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Classified Personnel.


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