Food Service Supervisor


  • Experience in institutional meal planning and preparation
  • Training in home economics, nutrition or institutional management
  • Experience in supervisory, management type employment
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable

Primary Responsibility to:

Secondary Responsibility to:
Building Principals

Job Goal:
To understand and perform all tasks necessary to the operation of a School Food Service Program; to provide each school child with food of high nutritional quality in an atmosphere of cleanliness and personal caring. The Food Service Supervisor shall carry out the following performance tasks:

  1. Supervises all food service personnel.
  2. Plans and supervises the preparation and serving of meals at all schools.
  3. Interprets to the administration, staff, and public the Federal and State standards and guidelines of the school food service and the school food programs.
  4. Purchases and maintains an inventory of all foods, supplies, and equipment.
  5. Recommends prices charged for various types of lunches.
  6. Works with the school business manager in maintaining financial records.
  7. Supervises payroll records.
  8. Maintains records of individual school lunch receipts and deposits.
  9. Prepares yearly budget.
  10. Informs the public through local media of planned lunch menus on a weekly basis.
  11. Complies with all rules and regulations pertaining to school food service.
  12. Supervises the planning and/or operation of any special meals required for district sponsored events.
  13. Maintains records, monies, and federal and state reports in accordance with state and federal guidelines.
  14. Attends Board meetings as directed.
  15. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Superintendent and/or Board as they deem necessary.
  16. Participates in the school Wellness Committee.
  17. Supports healthy food choices throughout the school day.

Terms of Employment:
Salary for services rendered. The district will divide salary into 12 equal monthly installments July through June. This position shall be considered in all respects “employment at will” and the employee is subject to discharge by the district at any time without cause. The “employment period” and other descriptions and terms set forth in this job description shall not create a property right in the employee and such are set forth only to advise the employee of when and what type of services will be required by the district so long as employment continues.

Performance of this position will be evaluated annually by the Syperintendent who may consult with the building principals.