Resource Officer

Resource officers drive their legal authority and law enforcement responsibilities from the law enforcement agency that employs them.

Primary Responsibility to:
While on duty in the schools, the resource officer is under the guidance and direction of the school administration as to duties and responsibilities in the school setting.

Job Goal:
In order to promote a drug-free, safe and appropriate learning environment for all students in attendance the resource officer should ultimately discourage the youth of the community form habitual use of tobacco and other drugs and decrease the incidence of juvenile crime both in the schools and in the community. The resource officer shall carry out the following task:

  1. Support the administration in providing a drug-free, safe, secure and crime-free environment in the school.
  2. Support the administration in crowd control and safety at extra-curricular activities as well as enforcement of state and district laws related to substance use and abuse on school grounds.
  3. Perform traffic control duties and parking lot and hall surveillance.
  4. Enforce the laws of the state and county and the policies and regulations of the Kimberly Board of Trustees.
  5. Function as a member of the school faculty in counseling students and assisting parents in working out problems with their children, specifically substance abuse, violence and juvenile crime.
  6. Act as a public relations officer in the enhancement of the law enforcement image in the schools and community.
  7. Help resolve problems at the lowest echelon possible. This may result in counseling and the release of many first time offenders. It may also result in the involvement of the resource officer in the juvenile justice system.
  8. Assist in the implementation of programs at all district schools in the areas of prevention of substance abuse, crime prevention, the enhancement of personal safety, etc.
  9. Act as a consultant to the school administration on issues of safety, crime, and substance abuse prevention and other law enforcement issues that arise.
  10. Investigate and follow through on cases involving incidents of crime, violence or substance abuse in the school setting.
  11. Receive training in substance abuse prevention and utilizing the skills from this training in the schools to educate students against substance abuse, including tobacco and alcohol.
  12. Other duties and responsibilities as deemed appropriate jointly by the law enforcement agency and the school administration.

Terms of Employment:
School Year – School day plus specified activities and athletic events.

Annual - subject to review by Kimberly City Council and Kimberly School Board of Trustees.

Performance of this position will be evaluated jointly by the Superintendent and Kimberly Chief of Police.