Teacher Elementary PE


  • As set by state certification requirements
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully accomplish the performance tasks listed below

Primary Responsibility to:

Elementary Principal

Job Goal:

In order to provide students with an opportunity to learn basic movement and sport skills, to enjoy the art of movement, and to promote physical fitness, the elementary physical education teacher shall carry out the following performance tasks:

  1. Be knowledgeable of, and uphold, all district policies, rules, and regulations pertaining to teachers and students, as applicable.
  2. Provide a program which will maintain and improve both physical and mental health.
  3. Provide a high quality basic skills program.
  4. Introduce basic movement skills to primary students.
  5. Introduce basic sport skills to intermediate students.
  6. Encourage an appreciation for fitness.
  7. Provide a diversified physical education curriculum which includes rhythms, games, fitness, team sports, lifetime sports, gymnastics, body awareness, and individual movement skills.
  8. Encourage a desire for lifetime involvement in healthful activity.
  9. Evaluate, select, and requisition new physical education supplies and materials.
  10. Assist classroom teachers in providing additional physical education instruction in the classroom.
  11. Participate in instructional and curricular meetings.
  12. Act ethically in all aspects of the teaching role.
  13. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the superintendent or elementary principal.

Terms of Employment:

The contract period shall be one-hundred-ninety (190) days. This shall include one-hundred-eighty (180) teaching days and up to ten (10) days to be assigned during the year by the administration. The salary shall be commensurate with the employee’s appropriate place on the approved salary and/or activity schedule.


Performance of this position will be in accordance with provisions of the school board’s policy on evaluation of certificated professional employees.