Certified Medical Assistant

Certified Medical Assistant Job Description
The Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) is employed by the District mainly to assist the school nurse.  A CMA is an extension of the nurse, who legally has the direct control and supervision of healthcare needs and is responsible for the health and welfare of the students. 


  • Associate degree in medical assisting  

  • Must be first aid and CPR certified  

  • Computer skills- experience with O365, Excel  

  • Experience in a pediatric setting preferred  

Primary Responsibility to:
School Nurse and Building Principals  

Secondary Responsibility:
Superintendent or Program Director

Duties of a CMA include, but are not limited to: 

Clerical Duties: 

  • Track IHP due dates 

  • Assist nurses in IHP distribution 

  • Other duties as assigned 

Clinical Duties: 

  • Assist with medication administration including g-tube feedings  

  • Take vital signs  

  • Administer basic first aid  

  • Assist nurses in the health rooms  

  • Displays timeliness, cleanliness, and willingness to participate and be part of the total operations of Kimberly Schools.  Work with integrity and ethically in maintaining confidentiality of all aspects of employment  

  • Other duties as assigned 

Terms of Employment:
The employment period shall be determined by the immediate supervisor, Principal, Director, and the Superintendent.  The salary shall be commensurate with the classified salary schedule.  Summer and vacation employment may be offered if the funds are available.   

Performance of this position will be evaluated periodically by the school nurse and in accordance with provisions of the board’s policy on evaluation.