Superintendent of Schools


As established by state certification requirements; such other qualifications of academic, professional and personal excellence as the Board of Directors may specify.

Primary Responsibility to:

Board of Directors

Job Goal:

In order to provide leadership in developing and maintaining the best possible educational programs and services, the Superintendent of Schools shall carry out the following performance tasks:

  1. Prepare and implement the annual budget.
  2. Recommend the employment of teachers, principals, and other persons in administrative or supervisory positions.
  3. Supervise the business and financial procedures of the district.
  4. Prepare the annual school calendar.
  5. Promote an adequate program of publicity.
  6. Act for the Board of Directors when emergencies exist. Action taken in this respect shall be subject to review at the next board meeting.
  7. Cause the preparation of such reports as may be required by the local Board of Directors, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, or the State Board of Education This shall include periodic and annual statistical and financial reports.
  8. Enforce all statutes pertaining to the schools.
  9. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Trustees.
  10. Act ethically and confidentially in all aspects of employment.

Terms of Employment:

The contract period shall be twelve (12) months with vacation and salary to be arranged with the Board of Directors.


Performance of this position will be evaluated annually in accordance with the desires of the Board of Directors.