Dean Of Students

General Description:
To assist the high school principal in general supervision of the high school.

Specific Job Tasks:

  1. Oversees the attendance procedure of the high school.
  2. Assist with supervision of the lunch room and the general campus before school, after school, passing periods, and lunch time.
  3. Functions as administrator in charge at all activities and athletic events as assigned when principal or high school athletic director are not in attendance.
  4. Advisor to the Associated Student Body (ASB).
  5. Handle and complete assigned paperwork.
  6. Organizes and carries out activities involving the student body including pep assemblies and other special functions.
  7. Directs the curriculum effort at the high school and coordinates the high school staff development plan.
  8. Responsible for routine discipline issues, including behavior contracts, and recommends when appropriate, suspension and/or expulsion to the principal.
  9. Assists the principal with staff supervision.
  10. Fulfills other duties as assigned.

Reports to:
High School Principal

Terms of Employment:
The contract period shall be one-hundred-ninety (190) days. This shall include one-hundred-eighty (180) teaching days and up to ten (10) days to be assigned during the year by the administration. Receives one period per day (in addition to the preparation period) to handle these responsibilities plus an additional six (6) duty days. The salary shall be set according to recommendation of the Superintendent.

Performance will be evaluated annually and in writing by the High School Principal.