High School Vice Principal

General Description:
To assist the high school principal in general supervision of the high school.

Specific Job Tasks:

  1. Assist the principal in the supervision and evaluation of teachers.
  2. Assist with supervision of lunchroom and general campus before school after school, passing periods, and lunch time. 
  3. Assists with disciplinary issues determined by the principal.
  4. Functions as administrator in charge at after school activities as assigned by principal.
  5. Functions as administrator in charge of the high school in the absence of the principal. 
  6. Handles and completes assigned paperwork.
  7. Communicates frequently with staff about their responsibility in relationship to student achievement.
  8. Actively participates in the school leadership teams.
  9. Helps plan and coordinate the public relations program for the school.
  10. Attends IEP and 504 meetings when assigned by principal.
  11. Fulfills other duties as assigned by the superintendent and high school principal.

Reports to:
High School Principal

Terms of Employment:
The contract period shall be 0.5 FTE based on two hundred and ten (210) days. The salary shall be set according to recommendation of the Superintendent.

Performance will be evaluated annually and in writing by the principal.