Director Of Special Education


  1. Qualify for a valid Idaho Director of Special Education Certificate
  2. Masters degree or higher from an accredited college or university


  1. Experience as a regular classroom teacher
  2. Experience as a special education teacher

Reports to:

All special education and federal program certificated and non-certificated staff within Kimberly Public Schools

Job Goal:
To use leadership, supervision, and administrative skills to promote and support educational development of each special education or program student and to minimize, resolve, or prevent learning and/or school adjustment problems of students through child study teams and its associated consulting services.

  1. Develops and maintains an organizational structure for all educational programs and services related to special education
  2. Makes written recommendations to the superintendent regarding the promotion, retention, transfer, suspension or dismissal of personnel assigned to special services and oversees the supervision and evaluation of all special education personnel
  3. Develops the in-service training program for personnel in the special services department
  4. Reviews and recommends changes and needs in the district special education process and procedures to meet the individual child’s needs and to ensure legal compliance
  5. Serves as the Federal Law 504 coordinator, chairperson for district-wide meetings of special education personnel and serves as a resource to other Kimberly administrators involved in special education programs
  6. Develops and maintains a manual of procedures to be followed in special education
  7. Participates in an active public information and public relations program as it relates to the special education department
  8. Prepares local, state, and federal reports related to the special services department