Attendance / Student Records Secretary

Reports to:
Dean of Students/Counselor

Job Goal:
To minimize the interruptions of the administrative staff related to recording of daily attendance and assist in the smooth operation of student records. Work in conjunction with High School Secretary to provide an efficient operation of the High School office.

Attendance Secretary:

  1. Performs recording of daily attendance records, making sure accurate attendance is recorded.
  2. Receives all incoming calls relating to attendance.
  3. Communicates directly with parents regarding daily tardy and absences. Makes daily phone calls to parents of daily unexcused absents and tardiness.
  4. Provides the Dean of Students with cases of chronic absenteeism, tardiness or truancy.
  5. Issues Attendance letters on a quarterly basis.
  6. Responsible for contacting teachers regarding homework of students placed on in or out of school suspensions, or extended absence.
  7. Work with students who are taking courses off campus (CSI, etc.). Make sure accurate attendance is recorded for these students.
  8. Work with the ISEE director to ensure accurate attendance reporting.
  9. Provide general secretarial service to Dean of Students.
  10. Other duties as assigned.

Student Records:

  1. Record student withdrawls. Send records to new schools when requested.
  2. Complete graduation verifications from former students.
  3. Enroll new students to the district.  Enter new student information in Powerschool, request records, transcribe grades and have counselor review.  Ensure proper documentation is in the file, birth certificate, immunization, and proof of residency.
  4. Process transcripts requests
  5. End of year file transfer to appropriate grades.
  6. Assist Parents with Powerschool access.
  7. Assist ISEE director to ensure student information is properly entered into Powerschool, including contact numbers, calendars, etc.
  8. Assign State Student ID numbers.
  9. Keep cumulative files up to date.
  10. Prepare student registration information.
  11. Assist the counselor with course request and schedule changes.
  12.  Other duties assigned.