Student Assistant Counselor


Must hold a clear credential endorsed for School Counseling K-12

Primary Responsibility to: Secondary Responsibility to:

High School Principal Superintendent of School

Job Goal:

To provide for students, who are at risk because of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, violence, abuse of any kind, homelessness, severe psychological problems, or are a risk of suicide; immediate counseling and intervention services.

  1. Counsel and/or provide intervention services to students who are at immediate risk.
  2. Carry-out drug testing of students under provision of Board Policy 3340.
  3. Maintains appropriate student records and maintains a contact log of student and parents consulted.
  4. Protects confidentiality of students.
  5. Assures that appropriate agencies are contacted concerning student issues.
  6. Maintains close communications with High School Building Principal and director of program concerning issues involving children served in individual schools and/or programs of the Safe and Drug- Free School.
  7. Communicates regularly with the other school counselors.
  8. Assures all school district counselor meet as a team bi-monthly.
  9. Provides crisis counseling to Kimberly Middle School and Kimberly Elementary School on an “as needed” basis.
  10. Confer and communicate with parents whenever necessary and appropriate.
  11. Work with students to find solutions to personal problems.
  12. Conduct in services to staff to identify characteristics of a student who is “using” drugs/alcohol.
  13. Assist as a resource for the homelessness program in providing services to students and families who are homeless and attending Kimberly Schools.
  14. Act ethically at all times in all situations.
  15. Perform other duties as may be assigned.


  1. Organize and conduct the Red Ribbon Week activities. (Late October)
  2. Organize and conduct Alcohol Awareness Week. (Month of April)
  3. Present in health/science classrooms on drugs, alcohol, and tobacco issues.
  4. Coordinate the Tar War program.
  5. Assist with the Natural Helpers Training.
  6. Youth Summit Sponsor.
  7. Be responsible for Tracking Forms for the Drug Grant that pertain to this position. (Tracking forms #16, #16A-B-C and #17A-B-C).

Terms of Employment:

The contract shall be for one-hundred ninety (190) days. The contract year shall run concurrently with all teaching contracts. An extended contract may be assigned by the Superintendent. The salary shall be commensurate with the employee's appropriate place on the district certificated salary schedule. This position is funded partly from drug/alcohol/school safety grant monies received by the Federal Government and the State of Idaho. This position is funded annually from the aforementioned grant monies one-year at a time.


Performance of this position will evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Board's policy one valuation of certificated employees.