A demonstrated interest in and aptitude for the work to be performed; such alternative to the above qualifications as the District may find appropriate.

Primary Responsibility to:

Secondary Responsibility to:
Building Principal

Job Goal:
In order to assist principal and teachers in providing individualized instruction to students and in maintaining adequate playground and lunch room supervision, the paraprofessional shall carry out the following performance tasks:

  1. Supervise playground and / or lunchroom activities.
  2. Perform clerical work.
  3. Assist in preparing class displays and bulletin boards.
  4. Correct student work and record grades as appropriate.
  5. Distribute and collect workbooks, paper, and other instructional materials.
  6. Read to students, listen to students read, and participate in other forms of oral communication with students as required by the teacher.
  7. Help students use equipment in a proper manner and to successfully complete instructional materials assigned by the teacher.
  8. Perform such other duties as may be assigned.
  9. Practices and maintains confidentiality of students, parents, and school personnel.
  10. Act ethically in all aspects of the paraprofessional role.

Terms of Employment:
The employment period shall be determined by the immediate supervisor and the Superintendent. The salary shall be commensurate with the classified salary schedule. Summer and vacation employment may be offered if funds are available. Paraprofessionals shall have reasonable assurance of part-time employment unless notified otherwise.

Performance of this position will be evaluated on a yearly basis by the teacher, and/or building principal.