Business Manager

Knowledge with all aspects of Idaho Public School Finance including worker’s compensations, taxes, retirement plans, insurance plans, and COBRA. Experience with accounts payable, accounts receivable, accrual based accounting and payroll. The annual budget of the district requires close management of this document and the various accounts. This includes analysis of account status, cash flows, monitoring of active purchase orders and other tasks. Expertise in a variety of accounting software is a must.

This position interacts with the public on behalf of Kimberly School District. A professional appearance and attitude toward individuals and companies doing business with the school district is essential. Candidate must be bondable. An accounting or business degree/experience and/or experience with Idaho Public School Finance is desirable. Considerable bookkeeping experience with an accounting firm or governmental agency or similar is required.

Superintendent of Schools

The Business Manager is to account for and record the business affairs of the District in such a way as to provide the best possible educational service with the financial resources available. The Business Manager will keep the necessary records to facilitate sound fiscal management of the School District and advise the Superintendent and School Board on business affairs. The Business Manager, under the general direction of the Superintendent, shall carry out the following performance tasks:

  • Act ethically and confidentially in all aspects of employment.
  • Assist in the preparation, implementation, monitoring and presentation of the District budget.
  • Make recommendations to the Superintendent on budget transactions.
  • Make recommendations to the Board for budget transfers.
  • Apply the legal requirements for budget adoption.
  • Establish and maintain a system for budget control
  • Develop and maintain monthly budgetary information.
  • Maintain a thorough data reporting system for the completion of financial reports required by the Federal, State and Local Governments.
  • Recognize and forecast the major sources of revenue available to public schools from local, state and federal levels of government.
  • Maximize state and federal funding for the District.
  • Explore alternative and innovative revenue sources
  • Invest idle funds as provided by Idaho Code under the direction of the Board of Trustees.
  • Assist other staff (special services secretary, food service director, transportation director, technology specialist, grant writer’s etc.) in preparation of financial forms for projects, grants, or other purposes.
  • Prepare and mail, in a timely manner, all bills payable on behalf of the school district.
  • Secure all necessary insurances including, but not limited to: medical, dental, income protection, liability, property damage, and others that may be requested.
  • Maintain all necessary paperwork for COBRA and other retirement/separation issues.
  • Communicate to employees all changes and items necessary to the Public Employee Retirement System (PERSI).
  • Advises managers and secretaries concerning their activity accounts.
  • Assist the outside auditor with the annual district audit.
  • Maintain current accurate record of District’s petty cash fund.
  • Maintain all district records covering payroll, expense, budgets, audits, and income vouchers for a minimum of seven (7) fiscal years.
  • May serve as the district treasurer to the Board of Trustees.
  • Maintain necessary levels of consumable supplies for district office functions.
  • Assist with other duties of the District Office as needed.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

The employment relationship is considered “at will”. This means the individual or district is able to terminate the employment relationship at any time.

The position is considered full time classified management, salaried, 12 months per year. The salary is set commensurate with experience and with annual job performance. This job is subject to all rules and regulations of the school district as well as the Classified Employee Handbook.

Performance of this position will be evaluated annually by the Superintendent of Schools.