Supervisor of Pupil Transportation


Demonstrated ability to accomplish the performance tasks listed below including: ability to supervise and evaluate employees; current CDL license with passenger endorsement; computer skills (i.e. spreadsheets, word documents, e-mail and data entry); routine mechanical skills and such alternatives to the above qualifications as the administration may find appropriate and acceptable.

Primary Responsibility to:

Superintendent of Schools


Plans, organizes, and is responsible for the organization and operation of the School District #414 transportation program.

Job Goals:

  1. Assists the Superintendent in the development of a safe transportation program.
  2. Develops and conducts safety instructional programs within the school district for pupils and transportation staff.
  3. Develops and teaches courses to refresh and update driving skills in accordance with Idaho State regulations.
  4. Directs and schedules the transportation routes.
  5. Arranges maintenance for all district owned vehicles and transportation equipment.
  6. Recruits, supervises, and evaluates the transportation staff and makes recommendations on their employment or discharge to the Superintendent.
  7. Cooperates with the building principals when problems with student(s) riding the bus occur. Acts as a liaison with drivers and parents for any complaints concerning the bus transportation.
  8. Establishes routes for the orderly and safe transportation of students.
  9. Arranges and schedules all transportation trips for students participating in extra-curricular and outside classroom experiences.
  10. Prepares specifications, upon request by the Superintendent, for the bidding of new school district busses or other transportation vehicles.
  11. Develops short and long range plans for major repairs and replacement of busses and/or equipment.
  12. Purchases parts, supplies and service for the proper maintenance of the district owned vehicles, within the allotted district budget.
  13. Prepares, recommends and administers the transportation budget as required. Maintains an on-going program of preventive maintenance and required periodic inspection of all district vehicles.
  14. Follows and enforces all rules and regulations within the State of Idaho Transportation manual, as well as local district policy relating to school transportation.
  15. Advises the Superintendent on road hazards for recommendation on school closure, during inclement weather.
  16. Establishes standards of cleanliness that are acceptable and achievable with the resources available.
  17. Investigates and reports to the Superintendent and State Transportation Department all accidents involving school vehicles.
  18. Attends appropriate local and state transportation meetings, and provides reports and or updates to the Superintendent and as required to the School Trustees.
  19. Follows school district policy and chain of command. Acts ethically and confidentially in all aspect of employment.
  20. Performs such other duties, as may be assigned by the Superintendent.

Terms of Employment:

This position shall be considered in all respects “employment at will” and the employee is subject to discharge by the district at any time without cause. The “employment period” and other descriptions and terms set forth in this job description shall not create a property right in the employee and such are set forth only to advise the employee of when and what type of services will be required by the district so long as the employment continues.

An employee working in this position shall at all times be subject to the direction of the Superintendent or designee and at all times shall be subject to the rules, regulations and policies of the District as promulgated by the Board of Trustees.

The employment period shall be for twelve (12) months with vacations as specified in district rules and regulations. The salary shall be commensurate with the employee’s experience and work calendar as approved.


Performance of this position will be evaluated periodically by the Superintendent of Schools or a designee in conformance with District policy relating to evaluations of classified employees.