Bilingual Paraprofessional

The Bilingual Teaching Assistant is assigned the responsibility of assisting Limited English Proficient Students, bilingual students and migrant students and their families to ensure attaining and maintaining academic success.

Primary Responsibility to:
Principal / Director of Federal Title Programs

Responsibilities (Job functions)

  • Assist Limited English Proficient, bilingual and migrant students with classroom assignments during the school day and during the After School Program.
  • Teach English as a Second Language.
  • Adapt and present classroom lessons to meet student achievement level.
  • Monitor student progress.
  • Administer and interpret the Idaho English Language Test and other English language assessments.
  • Assist at registration and in enrolling new students.
  • Translate at conferences and other meetings.
  • Translate school to home notes.
  • Encourage parent participation in school events.
  • Assist parents in understanding school assignments and procedures.
  • Encourage students to participate in extra curricular events and special programs.
  • Complete and submit Certificates of Eligibility for Migrant students.
  • Attend in-service, workshops and conferences as assigned.
  • Provide in-service for staff members on cultural diversity and methods of assisting students learning a second language.
  • Make home visits as necessary.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities Required:

  • Skills to organize and manage multiple tasks.
  • 32 college credits or successful completion of the ParaPro Test.
  • Knowledge of principles of child development and instructional processes.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills in two languages.
  • Ability to develop creative solutions.
  • Ability to follow directions.
  • Knowledge of state and federal policies and procedures regarding Federal and State LEP and Migrant Programs.
  • Computer skills including word processing, presentations, email, student data management system, Internet.
  • Patience and flexibility.

Terms of Employment:
The employment period shall be determined by the immediate supervisor and the Superintendent. The salary shall be commensurate with the classified salary schedule. Summer and vacation employment may be offered if funds are available. Paraprofessionals shall have reasonable assurance of part-time employment unless notified otherwise.

Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on evaluation of classified personnel.