Principal High School


  1. Qualify for a valid Idaho Certificate in Educational Administration endorsed for secondary principal-ship.
  2. Masters Degree or higher from an accredited college or university.
  3. Minimum of five years of successful experience in education with classroom experience.


  1. Experience as an administrator in a high school and/or
  2. Knowledge of high school philosophy and experience in training of staff in high school.

Reports to:

All certified and non-certified staff assigned to the high school

Extra-Curricular activities

Job Goal:
To use leadership, supervisory, and administrative skills to promote and support the professional activities of the staff and the educational development of each student at the Kimberly High School.

  1. Organizes, directs, and evaluates all instruction within the building.
  2. Provides leadership to the staff in identifying school needs and determining educational objectives consistent with prescribed curriculum, district administrative guideline and board policy.
  3. Establishes and maintains an effective learning climate in the school that accommodates the needs of all students.
  4. Is the instructional leader of the high school.
  5. Supervises the guidance program at the high school to enhance individual student education and development.
  6. Interprets and implements for the staff administrative procedures, Board policies, state standard, as well as state and federal laws relative to education.
  7. Assumes responsibility for supervision and formal annual evaluation of personnel as outlined and required by district policy. This includes goals mutually agreed to by staff and principal.
  8. Makes written recommendations to the superintendent regarding the hiring, promotion, retention, transfer, suspension or dismissal of personnel at the high school school.
  9. Actively works with staff personnel in a resource support role to facilitate improved professional competence.
  10. Conducts regular staff meetings to keep staff informed of policy changes, new programs, district activities, and in-service opportunities and activities.
  11. Informs students of district, building, and grade level expectations regarding conduct and attendance and actively assists teachers and parents in insuring these standards are maintained.
  12. Develops and maintains a system for pupil placement, attendance accounting, record-keeping and evaluation consistent with district guidelines and requirements.
  13. Develops a system of communication between students, staff, and parents to identify student needs, and satisfy the concerns of the school community.
  14. Assumes responsibility for financial planning and management for the building including preparation of an annual budget in consultation with the staff members (building budget).
  15. Administers and is accountable for all funds generated by student activities or organizations within the building.
  16. Maintains accurate records of all equipment, supplies, and materials issued to the building and accepts responsibility for this property.
  17. Cooperates with district office staff in establishing priorities for the maintenance and operation of the school plant, transportation system, and food service programs.
  18. Provides and plans for community use of the school building, cleared through the district office.
  19. Assumes responsibility for his/her own professional growth and development; for keeping current with literature, new research findings, and improved techniques, and for current trends in administration, instruction, assessment, and school climate and organization.
  20. Participates in decision making at the district level as a member of the administrative team.
  21. Actively supports, promotes, and provides leadership in the district’s high school program.
  22. Prepares and maintains on file all performance responsibilities for the principal, or staff members that are unique to the building.
  23. Build strong community partnerships and relationships.
  24. Prepares such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as the superintendent may assign.

Terms of Employment:
Principal’s salary shall be set according to placement on the district’s administrative salary schedule.

Each principal’s performance will be evaluated annually by the Superintendent of Schools.