Demonstrate ability to successfully accomplish the performance tasks below. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the administration may find appropriate and acceptable.

Primary Responsibility to:
Maintenance Director

Secondary Responsibility to:
Superintendent of Schools

Job Goal:
In order to provide students, staff and patrons with a safe, attractive, comfortable and efficient learning environment, the maintenance technician shall carry out the following performance tasks in a safe and effective manner. (All tasks shall be performed adhering to: District policies, local, state and federal codes, regulations and laws).

  1. Trouble shoot, service and complete minor repairs to HVAC systems.
  2. Trouble shoot, service and complete minor repairs to building electrical systems and fixtures.
  3. Trouble shoot, service and repair plumbing systems.
  4. Monitor and assist with energy and water conservation techniques and procedures.
  5. Install, service, repair and replace flooring systems.
  6. Paint buildings (inside and outside) and other district property.
  7. Demolish, construct or repair sections of walls or buildings.
  8. Maintain and repair playgrounds and playground equipment.
  9. Service, repair and replace windows and doors.
  10. Repair desks, furniture, white boards, book cases, lockers and cabinets.
  11. Construct, maintain and repair counters, tables, cabinets, walls, partitions and shelves
  12. Safely climb and work from ladders and elevated platforms.
  13. Operate and maintain irrigation systems.
  14. Operate and maintain district owned vehicles, tractors and mowers.
  15. Remove snow and ice from sidewalks, parking lots, roadways and other areas.
  16. Operate and maintain power saws, trimmers, power tools and hand tools.
  17. Operate and service building security systems.
  18. Repair and replace door hardware, including locks and lockets.
  19. Move and transport furnishings, platforms, chairs and other equipment.
  20. Set up and take down chairs, platforms, risers and other equipment for school or district functions.
  21. Install, repair and replace fencing and gates.
  22. Concrete work.
  23. Apply pesticides and herbicides.
  24. Control rodent and insect populations.
  25. Frequently lift and/or move up to 50 pounds and occasionally up to 100 pounds.
  26. Read and understand basic operating instructions.
  27. Follow oral and written instructions and work effectively without close supervision.
  28. Work cooperatively with district staff.
  29. Possess a current Class D (or higher) driver's license issued by the state of Idaho.
  30. Report any safety or health concerns to Director of Maintenance or Superintendent immediately upon discovery of such concerns.
  31. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Maintenance Supervisor or the Superintendent of Schools.

Terms of Employment:
Employment and salary schedule shall be determined by the Superintendent with a recommendation by the Maintenance Supervisor.

Performance of this position will be evaluated periodically by the Maintenance Supervisor.