Director of Programs


  1. Master’s degree or higher in education from an accredited college or university
  2. Experience as a building level principal or similar position 


  1. Superintendent Certificate
  2. Ed Specialist Degree
  3. Experience as a principal

Reports to:

Federal programs, Human Resources, Title IX, Curriculum, testing/assessment 

Job Responsibility:
Managing Federal Programs in accordance with federal guidelines and school policies.  Serves as Title IX Coordinator. Facilitates curriculum alignment and development, standards implementation, testing and assessment, and staff professional development. Oversees Human Resource Department under direction of the Superintendent.

Job Goal:
To use leadership, supervision, and administrative skills to promote and support educational development of Federal programs, Human resource Department, Curriculum, Testing and Assessment and staff professional development. 

  1. Develops and manage programs, policies, and procedures for compliance with:
    • Federal and state education law and regulation requirements 
    • Board policies 
    • District and State Instruction Standards
    • Educational Excellence
  2. Oversees and supports principals and program directors with human resources matters to ensure compliance with federal and state law and school board policy.
  3. Ensures Kimberly School District is in compliance with all Title IX regulations.
  4. Arrange, develop, and deliver curriculum and staff development presentations, materials, forms, and processes for the purpose of communication with instructional staff and meeting Federal and State requirements and district policies.
  5. Attend district, school, parent, community, state, and professional meetings for the purpose of gathering and conveying information required by programs.
  6. Facilitate communication and coordination among instructional staff for the purpose of meeting curriculum guidelines and ensuring that state teaching standards are achieved.
  7. Develop proposals and grants to meet district goals.
  8. Collaborate with district personnel for the purpose of initiating, implementing, and maintaining services and/or programs and meeting state and federal requirements.
  9. Collaborate with district personnel in recruiting and selecting personnel for the purpose of accomplishing district goals.
  10. Research information for the purpose of analyzing potential implications, making recommendations and/or addressing a variety of administrative needs.
  11. Prepares local, state, and federal reports related to the federal programs, human resources, Title IX, curriculum, testing/assessment. 
  12. Assists in the identification and determination of the compensatory needs of the district.
  13. Prepares applications for funds for federal programs and seeks other sources of funding to supplement the district’s educational program as directed by the superintendent.
  14. Establishes mandated advisor committees at schools. Coordinates these activities and meetings with district advisory committees.
  15. Represents the district at local and state meetings which pertain to the Federal programs, Title IX, Testing/assessment, and Human Resources. 
  16. Prepares and maintains appropriate budgets, records, and reports which pertain to the Director of Programs department.
  17. Develops the project goals, objective, and appropriate evaluative procedures.
  18. Coordinates the dissemination of information regarding Director of Programs Department.
  19. Participates in decision making at the district level as a member of the administrative team.
  20. Assumes responsibility for budget planning and management for all programs under their supervision. 
  21. Assumes responsibility for his/her own professional growth and development; for keeping current with literature, new research findings, and improved techniques, and for current administrative, instructional, and organization trends.
  22. Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as the superintendent may assign.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities Required:

  • Skills to manage personnel, programs, and fiscal resources.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to develop creative solutions.
  • Ability to follow state and federal directives.
  • Knowledge of state and federal program rules, policies, and procedures.
  • Knowledge of effective instruction, curriculum, standards, staff development, used of assessment data, staff development, grant writing, education law and district policies.   

Terms of Employment:
Administrator’s salary shall be set according to placement on the district’s administrative salary schedule.

Administrator’s performance will be evaluated annually by the Superintendent of Schools.