The textbooks used by each student are the property of the school.  Textbooks are issued for student use during the time of enrollment in school and must be returned at the end of the school term or when the student withdraws from school or has a schedule change.  Textbooks should be numbered and coded with the teacher keeping a record of the books issued to each student.  Occasional book checks may be conducted to be certain that students have their own textbooks. Lost textbooks must be paid for by the student to whom they were issued.  This will be paid in the office, and the student will be given a receipt.  A new book will not be issued until the student pays for the one which has been lost and shows the receipt to the teacher.  If the lost textbook is found, the student must present the book and receipt in the office in order to obtain a refund.  Requests for refunds should be requested no later than the last day of school. 

Fines for damage to textbooks may be assessed.  If a book is damaged to the extent that it cannot be used again, the full price of the book will be charged. A student will not receive records or be allowed to re-enroll until the textbooks record is clear.