School Sponsored Activities & Eligibility

At all school sponsored events in which the school is represented, students should conduct themselves according to accepted standards of conduct. Students engaging in disruptive or unsportsmanlike conduct will be removed from the contest and subject to disciplinary action. 

School dances are intended for students of the individual school.  Students who leave the dance may not re-enter.  Any student currently enrolled at KHS wishing to bring a non-KHS guests must obtain pre-approval for admission to the dance from the administration prior to the beginning of the dance.   Middle school students are not allowed to attend high school dances. 

Students attending any school sponsored activity are expected to abide by all rules and standards of conduct and are under the authority of school officials.

Policy 3510 School Sponsored Student Activities

1.     Student Organizations:
•    All student organizations must be approved by the administration. Secret or clandestine organizations or groups will not be permitted.
•    Bylaws and rules of student organizations must not be contrary to board policy or to administrative rules and regulations.
•    Procedures in student organizations must follow generally accepted democratic practices in the acceptance of members and nomination and election of officers.

2.     Social Events:
•    Social events must have prior approval of the administration.
•    Social events must be held in school facilities unless approved by the Board.
•    Social events must be chaperoned at all times.
•    Attendance at high school social events and dances shall be limited to high school students, and middle school social events shall be limited to middle school students, unless prior permission is received from the principal.

3.     Extracurricular Activities:
1.    Eligibility:
Age Eligible: A student becomes ineligible for athletics upon completion of the sports season in which he/she becomes twenty (20) years of age.

Academically Eligible 9-12: All students must be academically eligible. To be academically eligible a student must be enrolled full-time in school, be on target to graduate, must have passed 75% of their classes, and maintain a 2.0 overall GPA or higher during the previous semester. All incoming 9th grade students are automatically eligible for the first semester activities. All activities governed by the Idaho Activities Association are covered by this policy.  Students falling below the minimum standard will become academically ineligible to participate in their chosen activity.  Eligibility will be determined from the previous semester's report card. Anytime during the semester of ineligibility, a student may become eligible by retaking an equivalent course(s) through an accredited institution such as summer school, correspondence class, online courses, etc. These courses shall be taken outside of the regular scheduled school day and all cost associated with the courses shall be incurred by the student. On completion of the course(s) the new grade will be recalculated into the previous semester report card and if academically eligible requirements are met the student will then become eligible.

Academically Eligible 6-8: Those not maintaining a 75% (incoming 6th grade students are automatically eligible for first grading period) pass rate from the previous grading period will be placed on an academic contract and allowed to participate, provided the conditions of the academic contract are fulfilled.

In Season Eligibility 9-12: Grade checks will begin 3 weeks into each semester and will be checked weekly on Monday. If a student has an F in any class, he/she shall be placed on Academic Probation. The probation period will be for one week, Monday to Monday. During the probation period the student will still be able to practice and participate in the chosen activity. If the student still has an F at the end of the probation period, he/she will become academically ineligible. The student will be ineligible until all grades are passing. An ineligible student will be allowed to practice but will not be allowed to participate in a competitive contest. If the student still has an F the following Monday, ineligibility will continue. This process will continue until the student becomes eligible.  
In-Season Eligibility 6-8:
At the beginning of each sports season or 3 weeks after quarter begins, the athletic director will check grades of all in-season athletes.  Cheerleader’s season will correspond with the activity that is in season. Example, football cheer session corresponds with the football season.  Any student-participants who have an “F” grade will be subject to the following procedure:

The student-participant with an “F” grade on a grade check will be declared academically ineligible. Academically ineligible students will not be allowed to participate in competitive contests until all grades are passing.  The coach will notify the student-participant and parent of the temporary suspension of the athlete.  Upon the next grade check, if the student is not passing all classes, the ineligibility will continue. The process will be continued until the student becomes eligible by having a passing grade in all classes.

All student-participants will have their grades checked on a weekly basis.  The specific day of the week will be decided by school and athletic administration prior to the season starting.  All coaches, parents, players, and teachers will be made aware of what that day is prior to the season.  Grade checks will begin with the day of the first practice or three weeks after the beginning of school.  At any grade check, student-participants with an “F” grade in any class will be subject to the same procedure outlined above.  Teachers will not be able to allow a failing student-participant to become eligible to compete.  The athletic director, assistant principal or principal will have the responsibility for a student.

On Target to Graduate 9-12: A student having the necessary number of credits to graduate, receiving a diploma, with their class through the normal school day program as indicated by a graduation plan. The minimum number of credits to be on track for graduation is at the beginning of the student's sophomore year - 12 credits; at the beginning of the student’s junior year - 24 credits; and, at the beginning of the student’s senior year - 36 credits. All student participants in high school activities and their parents will be required to read and sign a copy of this policy acknowledging their understanding of the guidelines herein.  

2.    Behavior eligibility:     
•    A student who is on a written behavior plan written and monitored by the Kimberly High School Principal, or their designee, is not eligible to participate in any IHSAA activity for the duration of the written contract.  
•    A student who is violation of Policy 3340 Extra and Co-curricular Chemical Use Policy may not be eligible as provided for in Policy 3340. 
•    A student who is suspended from school may not participate in any IHSAA activity or practice. 
•    Any student convicted of a criminal offense may, at the discretion of school officials, become ineligible for such a period of time as the school officials may decide.

3.    Equal Opportunity: 
In establishing an interscholastic program, the Board directs the administration to open all sports to all students enrolled in the District with an equal opportunity for participation.

Policy History:
Adopted on:    

April 8, 2003
Revised on:    

May 1, 2008; October 17, 2012; February 18, 2015; October 19, 2023; December 20, 2023

References:    Idaho High School Activities Association Rules