Rationale and Purpose for advisory: A school-wide intervention to support academics.

Advisory Schedule:

Monday-Grade check and Goal for the Week:

Students will meet individually with their advisor and go over current grades for all classes. Students will submit a goal for the week related to an academic assignment, test, or project. The remainder of the time will be for studying and completing assignments.

Tuesday-Silent Reading:

Students will be reading any form of printed material (books, notes, magazines, newspapers, etc.). If a student uses a Kindle or E-reader device, this is acceptable for reading. Students are not allowed to have their cell phone out on Tuesday in advisory.

Wednesday-Incentive list for extended lunch:

Students will be informed by their advisor if they qualified for extended lunch on Thursday by having no unexcused absences, no tardies, and no D's or F's. The remainder of the time will be for studying and completing assignments.

Thursday-Incentive lunch or remediation: 

Students in remediation should be silently working on assignments are getting caught up.

Rewards and Remediations Reward

The timeline for incentive lunch is from Thursday of the previous week to Wednesday of the present week.

Students may qualify for an hour lunch on Thursday if they meet the following criteria:                                                                                                                                           

  1. No D’s or F’s
  2. No Tardies
  3. No unexcused absences or truancies.
  4. Grade level teams or admin can add exclude a student form the reward due to behavior.

Advisors will receive a list of students who did NOT meet the requirements for extended lunch on Wednesday by 1st advisory. In advisory, teachers are to notify students if they are allowed to take an extended lunch on Thursday.

Each week advisory teachers will alternate being the rewards teacher and the remediation teacher. The remediation teachers will have all students who did not meet the requirements in their classroom for advisory. The rewards teachers will have an extended lunch.

IDLA grades will be updated weekly on PowerSchool by Wednesday at 11:00 a.m.

The rewards teacher will share a class list with their advisory team teacher. The remediation teacher will take attendance for both classes. Students who have met the reward shall be marked present. Once the remediation teacher shares the attendance list with the rewards teacher, attendance on PowerSchool will be updated.