Welcome to the Kimberly Middle School Library page!

My name is Marianne Darrington and I have the privilege of being your Middle School Librarian! I have loved living in Kimberly with my family for the past 10 years. I am married to the amazing Mr. Casey Darrington and together we have three kids. I grew up with a love of books and reading. Getting wrapped up in a good story is always something I enjoy doing. I'm excited to share my love of books and hope to help students find their own love of reading as well! 

Our students have the opportunity to have two books checked out at a time. Each book can be checked out for up to four weeks. After that they can return or renew their book(s). Any book not returned will start accumulating a fine. Students will be charged .10 cents per day with a maximum of $3.00, or the full amount of the book if it is lost. We have a nice variety of books in our library and I'm always happy to take suggestions for fun / new books that we can add to our library!

Our district has set out a new library checkout policy this school year. You will have signed a paper giving your student "Full", "General", or "No Access" to the school's library. If you would like to view our school book lists please follow the link below and you'll find book lists for our school. 


We are lucky to have the help of Mrs. Joan Archer in the library this year! She will be here helping our students in the afternoons with any library needs. 

Cheers to a wonderful school year!