Weekly Update 5/22- 5/126

No school on Monday 5/29 for Memorial Day! Last day of school 6/1. Everyone will be going to NatSoo Pah swimming pool for last day of school. Do not come to school if you are not planning on coming swimming. Have a great week! 

Earth Science - Kami Michelli kmichelli@kimberly.edu

  • Mon/Tue - make up tests, present lessons, explore electromagnetism
  • Wed - Hobby Day
  • Thur - graduate walk, SOS carnival, turn in computers, have some fun
  • Fri - clean lockers, AR party, 8th grade memories

U.S. History- Josh Warwick jwarwick@kimberly.edu
Grading projects

  • Watching Lincoln

Spanish- Bethany Walters  bwalters@kimberly.edu

  • History of piñatas/piñata quiz
  • Making piñatas
  • 50 XP Duolingo (last one)
  • Q4 journals due Friday! 

Language Arts:  Denise Mumm dmumm@kimberly.edu

Review for "The Diary of Anne Frank" test

Thursday/Friday - take test

Pre-Algebra:  Stacy Green – sgreen@kimberly.edu

  • (If needed) Re-Test on Linear Equations and Systems of Equations.
  • Use exponent rules.

Algebra:  Stacy Green – sgreen@kimberly.edu

  • Simplify rational expressions.
  • Final is scheduled for Monday 5/22/23.