Weekly Update 5/22/2023 - 5/26/2023

Welcome to the KMS 6th Grade Weekly Update! 

 If your child has not turned in a permission slip for the fishing trip to their advisory teachers, please do so ASAP! School computers and chargers will be getting returned back in on Thursday, the 25th and Friday, the 26th of this week. Please make sure that your child brings their laptops/chargers on those days. Hobby Day is this Wednesday, make sure your child has the equipment, money, etc. They need for their activity! The last day to turn in work for all classes will be June 1st. Make sure if your child is going to Nat Soo Pah on the last day of school, they bring $5 that morning before we go!  

-The Sixth-Grade Team 


 In English this week we will be wrapping up our poetry unit. Students will be turning in an annotation of song lyrics they have chosen that are poetic in nature. I’ve had a few students ask what happened to the Poetry Project we were going to do. I’m sad to say that due to time we had to cancel the assignment! Therefore, the annotation assignment will be the last graded assignment in English. Please have your students check PowerSchool for updated grades. I will still accept late AR tests so make sure your child has taken both of their tests. Have a great week! 

Alisha Giles 



If you have any questions about 6th grade math this week, please email Mrs. Landers below! 

Christine Landers 



As we are approaching the end of the school year, please make sure to check PowerSchool for missing assignments. This Friday the 26th is the last day I will accept late work. Additionally, this Monday the 22nd, and Tuesday the 23rd will be the last days to make up speeches.  Finally, there will be an extra credit opportunity in class on Monday and Tuesday if you need some extra points. 

Katie Poelzl  


Pre Algebra: 

This week in Pre-Algebra we are learning how to use the quadratic formula to solve equations. Students need to check PowerSchool to see if they are missing any assignments. The last day to turn in assignments is June 1st.  

Jimmie Linn 



Hey All, 

This week we will be finishing up learning about the internal and external anatomy of a trout. Next week we will be going on our fishing trip. You should have received a paper explaining the field trip and how it will be split up. If you have any questions or concerns, please send me an email and I would be happy to help. 

Matt Courtney 



Hey everyone! 

This week we will be finishing up working on the Aztec Timeline Project! Please make sure to work on this for homework if you did not get finished with it in class! We will also be turning in Bellringers #73-79 Monday 22nd (B-Day) and Tuesday 23rd (A-Day) for our final Bellringer check grade. If you have and questions on anything, please let me know!  

Matt Wirtz 



Hello students and guardians, what a year we have had! I am so proud of the hard work and effort from my students this year! I will miss having them next year but excited for them to progress. Please focus on completing all missing work. Retakes should be done this week before or after school. Finish strong Bulldogs!   

Jamie Hyatt