6th Grade Weekly Update May 13th - May 17th

Welcome to the KMS 6th Grade Weekly Update! 

Reminder that the Fishing Trip will be on the 20th and 21st of next week! Make sure to bring all materials you will need on the day you are scheduled to go fishing. Laptops, chargers and library books will all be due this Friday the 17th. Make sure to have all fines paid in full on Friday and all supplies turned back in.  

-The Sixth-Grade Team 



If you have any questions about English this week, please email Mrs. Williams below! 

Amarae Williams 



In math we are applying our knowledge to create a math board game. This will be our final project for the year. Please see me if you have missing work or want to retake a test. There is still time to get those grades up! 

Christine Landers 



We are presenting our "How To" speeches. It is the last big project of the year for PACK. Next Monday and Tuesday is the 6th Grade FISHING TRIP. Please make sure your student brings: 



Lunch (unless you have already told us that they need a school lunch) 

Fishing rod/reel (if your student has one to bring) 


Contact me with any questions or concerns, 


Brad Carlson  



Pre Algebra: 

If you have any questions on Pre-Algebra this week, please email Mr. Linn below! 

Jimmie Linn 


We are going to do the egg drop on May 14 and May 15.   

Nathaniel Bybee 




Hey everyone, 

This week we are going to be finishing up our Unit on Latitude and Longitude and finish our Latitude and Longitude assignment as well as turn in our Latitude and Longitude Guided Notes.  

Matt Wirtz 



Students & Guardian's, we have a jammed pack week! Students are learning about electric circuits with Snap Circuits. Monday - Wednesday we will complete our experiments and Thursday-Friday we will have an open note quiz. This will be the final grade I enter that will affect their Q4 grades. I will be available after school until May 21st to help students with any make-up or missing work. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.  


Jamie Hyatt