Policy 4330 - Community Use of School Facilities

School facilities are available to the community for education, civic, cultural, and other non-commercial uses consistent with the public interest, when such use does not interfere with the school program or school-sponsored activities. Use of school facilities for school purposes has precedence over all other uses. Second preference will be provided to non-district 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that are comprised exclusively of Kimberly students/school age residents, followed by organizations involving patrons/residents of Kimberly.  Next will be other 501(c)(3) non-profits, followed by for profit organizations.  Persons on school premises must abide by the district’s conduct rules at all times.

Student and school-related organizations shall be granted the use of school facilities at no cost.  Non-profit organizations granted the use of the facility shall pay district cost. For-profit organizations will be assessed a fee determined by the superintendent or designee. At a minimum, the fee for for-profits will be the actual cost of the district. Non-district organizations using the facilities shall provide the district with a certificate of liability insurance from the user for at least $1,000,000.00 with an endorsement naming the district as an additional insured on the user’s policy.

The Superintendent shall develop procedures to manage community use of school facilities, which shall be reviewed and approved by the Board. Use of school facilities requires the Superintendent’s approval and is subject to the procedures.

The administration shall approve and schedule the various uses of the school facilities. A master calendar will be kept in the office for scheduling dates to avoid conflicts during the school year.  Requests for use of the school facilities must be submitted in advance of the event to the Superintendent’s office and will be processed on a first come first served basis.

Legal Reference: 
I.C. § 33-601 Real and personal property – Acquisition, use or disposal of same.
I.C. § 33-602 Use of school property or buildings for senior citizen centers.

Adopted on:    08/21/2003
Revised on:    02/17/2016, 08/19/2021