Health Forms

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Allergy, Asthma, Diabetes, and Seizure Questionnaires and Forms

handsIn order to best care for your child who has a chronic health condition such as severe allergies, asthma, diabetes or seizures the following questionnaires and emergency action plans are required.  Please contact a school nurse if your child has a different chronic health condition or with any questions or concerns.  

                            Allergy     Asthma     Diabetes     Seizure



If a student must take prescription or non-prescription medication during school hours, an authorization form must be signed and returned to the school by a parent or guardian. The medication must be in the original container (your pharmacy will usually make up the prescription in two separate containers) and the student's name, prescription number, doctor, and directions must be clearly written on the container.  For a complete list of policy and guidelines regarding medications, please review the district's policy: Administering Medicines to Students

     Prescription Authorization

     Non-Prescription Medication Authorization


Meal Accommodation

If your child requires a meal accommodation, please have your students medical provider complete a Request for Special Meal Accommodation Due to Medical Condition form and return it to the office or school nurse.



All students participating in athletics must complete the Idaho Health Examination and Consent form.