Fourth Grade Critical Areas

  1. Students will understand place value to 1,000,000. They will apply understanding for models of multiplication and division and develop and discuss efficient and accurate methods to compute multi-digit whole numbers. They will develop fluency with procedures and be able to explain why procedures work based on place value and properties of operations. Students will select and apply methods to estimate and mentally calculate quotients (answer to a division problem) and interpret remainders based on context.
  2. Students will develop methods for generating and recognizing equal fractions, as well as adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators. Students build on fraction understanding to compose fractions from unit fractions and decompose fractions into unit fractions and use the meaning of multiplication to multiply a fraction by a whole number.
  3. Students will describe, analyze, compare and classify two-dimensional (flat) shapes using their properties. They will deepen their understanding of two-dimensional objects and use them to solve problems involving symmetry.