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Scholarship Application

Please submit your completed application no later than Friday, April 5, 2024. Please email your application to

All documents should be compiled into one document and emailed as one document.

Scholarships awarded in the spring of 2024 must be applied toward college expenses during the 2024-2025 school year. Therefore, documentation of enrollment in a post-secondary institution and request of funds must be submitted to the Kimberly School Foundation by June 1, 2025. The Kimberly School Foundation encourages those students that will not be continuing their education during the 2024-2025 school year to complete the application materials now and submit them to the Kimberly School Foundation Scholarship Committee when ready to enroll in a post-secondary institution.

Students may only receive Kimberly School Foundation scholarships two times in their academic career. 

If you are a Past Graduate of Kimberly High School, please only mark the ‘Past Graduate’ box and provide the necessary information for that scholarship.




A. One-page cover letter—Please introduce yourself and why you feel you are deserving of a Kimberly School Foundation Scholarship. 

B. Signed publicity waiver at the end of application.

C. One-page academic resume—Please include your name, address, email address, and phone number as well as the name, address, email address, and phone number of your parent or guardian and your community service, extracurricular activities, work experience, scholastic honors or awards and any other honors or awards. 

D. Copy of your transcripts

E. Personal Financial Information—List other scholarships you have received and your personal plan for financing your education including your personal savings.

F. Choose one or more scholarship(s) listed below and submit a paragraph (maximum of 100 words per scholarship paragraph) addressing any additional information that you have not already shared regarding the specific scholarship(s). Past Graduates should only apply for ‘Past Kimberly Graduate.’


Past Kimberly Graduate – Please list year you graduated (this scholarship is for those graduating in previous years, not the current school year)—Application Criteria:   Share any student activities, honors, grades, work experience since graduating from Kimberly High School, your future plans and your financial need not included in cover letter or resume.

Financial Need – Application Criteria: Share your financial plan for completing a degree or certification and the circumstances which require financial assistance.

Academic Performance – Application Criteria:  Solely based on academic achievement.  Financial need is not a consideration for this award. 

Career Technical Education Scholarship – Application Criteria:  Describe your desire for your specific area of technical education, how you became interested in this area, and your future plans. 

Unique Challenge Scholarship – Application Criteria:  Explain your unique challenge and how you will continue to overcome it as you obtain your educational goals.   *One of your recommendation letters must be from the high school counselor or a high school teacher.

Education Major – Application Criteria:  Discuss the reasons you want to be an educator, who, if anyone, inspired you, the specific area of education you want to pursue, and any past experiences or personality traits that will assist you in becoming an inspirational educator.   

Kimberly Lions Club Community Service Scholarship – Application Criteria:  Share any community service not listed above and why community service is important to you and what areas of community service you plan to pursue in the future. 

Champlin Ag Scholarship – Application Criteria: In your application for this scholarship, please describe your chosen agriculture major, ag-related experience, service activities, and career plans involving agriculture not listed in cover letter or resume.

Leslie Ann Quesnell Schroeder Scholarship – Application Criteria: This scholarship is intended to assist a single parent or someone with other unique educational challenges, in attaining their education goals. The applicant must have attended Kimberly Schools and may or may not have graduated. In your application for this scholarship, please describe your current situation, your educational goals, and your financial plan for completing your education. 

Deed Proprieties Scholarship – Application Criteria: Please describe your chosen business major, how you decided on this area of business, and any service activities, involvement in school activities, and career plans involving the field of business not mentioned in cover letter or resume.

Current KHS Student (this scholarship is sponsored by the Kimberly Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.The Alumni has an All-School reunion on the first Friday after the 4th of July that you are asked to attend if awarded this scholarship. This year it is on July 12, 2024, and starts at 6:00 with dinner at 7:00. The dinner is scheduled for the Rick Allen Room at CSI.) – Application Criteria: In your application for this scholarship, please address your relationship to KHS and/or a KHS Alumnus, financial need and financial plan, your inspiration to achieve an education/training beyond high school, and your career goals and plans. 

Rowdy Hopkins Memorial Scholarship – Application Criteria: You must 1) Be a member of the current year’s KHS graduating class; 2) Be a current and active member of KHS FFA Chapter; 3) Have completed at least one FFA CDE/LDE at or above the district level; 4) Have engaged in a quality SAE project; 5) Be pursuing an agricultural curriculum at a postsecondary institution. In your application for this scholarship, please give a brief description of you SAE project and your involvement in FFA CDE/LDEs and how it has helped you.

Booster Excellence Award – Application Criteria: Please note season(s) and sport(s) in which you earned a Booster Club Award. Include a brief statement (250-500 words) describing how during high school you demonstrated outstanding leadership and sportsmanship and how you supported the teams and other students at Kimberly High School.   

Jack and Bette Claiborn Scholarship – Application Criteria: This scholarship will be awarded for someone planning to study in the fields of Ag, CTE, or the sciences. Please describe your chosen plan of study, your current career plan in that field, and what you have done in high school related to your chosen field (classes, service, work, etc.).


Remember seniors, you may apply in more than one category.  Be sure to address the criteria for each scholarship in separate paragraphs.