Kimberly Core Model Units | Kimberly

Through a rigorous, year-long Professional Development process, these units were created by Kimberly Core Educators.  The units were then reviewed with the EQuIP rubric (by Kimberly educators), taught, and revised.  

They continue to be refined and improved.


Work with Numbers 11-19 to Gain Foundation for Place Value, Carol Stastny

First Grade

America, Can You Make a Difference?, Kristina Wiesmore

Third Grade

Exploration of Traditional Literature, Camille Grover

Wildlife Controversy:  Reading Expository Text, Kelly Depew

Sixth Grade

Statistics, Marygrace Ahern

Waste No Words, Kyra Fullmer

Structures, Heidi Child

Eighth Grade

Badminton, Kristen Keller

Changing Earth, Michelle Anderson

Whose Words Will Live?, Denise Mumm

Middle School Resource

Extreme Sports: Mountain Climbing-Main Idea/Key Details, Daneille Heuvel

High School

Biodiversity,  Marvin Mumm

Multimodal and Trans-Genre Writing, Brett Darrington