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An independent, non-profit, community organization dedicated to enriching the excellence of the Kimberly School District.

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Kimberly Foundation Scholarship Application - deadline is April 7, 2017

Why Was the Foundation Created?

The Kimberly School Foundation was organized in February of 2009 by Kimberly residents to enhance and enrich the educational opportunities for the students of the Kimberly School District.

For many generations, the community of Kimberly has been dedicated to providing an excellent educational experience for our youth. Our schools touch not only our children but people of all ages and have an enormous effect on Kimberly's economic vitality. The Foundation will provide another avenue for the citizens of the community and our alumni to continue to support our excellent schools.

Our vision…

... is to promote excellent educational opportunities for every child.

How you can help...

A gift of any amount will make a difference now and long into the future. Both federal and Idaho tax laws allow a deduction for contributions made to Idaho foundations operated in direct support of public schools. Your contribution also qualifies for an Idaho Income Tax Credit. Please consider the Kimberly School Foundation in your gift giving plans.

Engraved Pavers are available now... Order Form

5x8 Paver Template / 6x6 and 6x12 Pavers Template / 12x12 Paver Template

The pavers that form the sidewalk to the Bulldog Stadium are available for engraving. Names, dates, mottos, and logos can be engraved to make a lasting tribute to your graduate, family member, alumni, business, etc. You can create an acknowledgement while contributing to the Kimberly School Foundation.The Kimberly School Foundation funds scholarships for Kimberly graduates as well as supporting educational and enrichment activities for our current students. Donations are eligible for both a deduction and tax credit on your tax return. A 20% discount for graduating seniors is available until June 30, 2016. To order, or for details on designing your paver, contact Luke Schroeder, Superintendent, at 423-4170 x3010.

Who can I contact for further information?

For questions about donations and other aspects of the Foundation’s mission, call Mike Mason at (208) 423-5444

What Does the Foundation Do?

  • Raises funds to enhance educational opportunities for students—present and future
  • Awards grants for creative and innovative projects which are not funded by the school budget
  • Provides scholarships for Kimberly graduates to continue their education
  • Engages the talents and resources of parents, citizens, and businesses to strengthen the education of the students.

The Board of Directors

Community members and educators serve on the Foundation’s Board of Directors. The Board determines policies, provides leadership in fund-raising and grant making and ensures that gifts to the Foundation are safely invested and used in accordance with the donor’s wishes.

Board Members

Luke Schroeder, Chair

Kathleen Noh, Vice-Chair

Cash Sigler, Secretary

Mike Mason, Treasurer

Janet Coonts, Director

Rob Champlin, Director

Chenele Dixon, Director

Jolene Nannini, Director

Dave Fullmer, Director

To make a charitable contribution, please print brochure available above and complete the form.