Stuart Blair

Stuart Blair
Stuart Blair

Stuart Blair--Physical Science Teacher

Graduate of Idaho State University in 1995 with a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education with a Major in Mathematics and a Minor in Physics.  I am certified to teach Natural Sciences.  I believe some sort of science knowledge will be valuable to all future careers.  Take in as much as you can while in class because you never know what you'll need to know.  On a personal side, I love to integrate humor and music into my instruction.  I come to school to teach and to have fun.  I hope my students come to school to learn and to have fun.


Course Description:  Physical science is a two-semester course that is divided up in the following way.  The first semester includes studies related to chemical changes which occur in our world such as: atomic structure and the periodic table, chemical processes, types of chemical reactions, balancing chemical equations, and acids and bases.  The second semester includes studies related to energy in its many different forms such as:  mechanical energy, light, sound, electricity, heat and magnetism.

Instructional Philosophy:  I believe that every student has the potential to be a success in life!  The student of today are the doctors, beauticians, engineers, farmers, etc—productive citizens of tomorrow.  Science can only benefit each of us in some way or another.  Physical Science will provide students with real world working knowledge of many specific principles needed for today's and tomorrow's careers.  Instruction will be delivered by: 1) Building knowledge through literary text. 2)  Reading and writing that is grounded in text.  3)  Using digital resources to present information in written and oral form.  4)  Building literary skills through collaboration as well as independently.

Instruction:  Instruction will be provided in class and on MS OneNote.

Course Goals:  The student will investigate and present information in graphic, tabular and written form.  Identify and use proper safety procedures in a lab setting.  Organize and evaluate data and choose an appropriate method to portray data.  Perform labs and assess and present the results.  Define, identify and label specific parts of models used in science. Integrate and apply scientific principles to real world situations.

Text:  CK-12 Physical Science (online through Canvas.)  Classroom reference set:  Physical Science; Holt, Rinehart and Wilson; Copyright 2006

Assessment Plan:  Homework and labs covering daily topics will count for 40% of your grade.  Most of the homework assigned will be on Canvas.  Tests and quizzes covering each chapter (including a cumulative final) will count for 60% of your grade.  Remember—good homework scores are directly related to good tests scores. 

Late Work:  There is likely a “due date” and an “until date” on each assignment.  You will receive a 0 (zero) if it is not submitted by the “due date.”  You will lose additional points if it is not turned in by the “until” date (as per district policy.) No late work will be accepted after you have taken the test on that unit.

Please contact me whenever you feel it's necessary and please attend mid-term parent teacher conferences.

Thank you,

Stuart Blair