Paul Price

Paul Price
Paul Price

Hola Todos,

      Welcome back! I am excited for the new school year! I am hoping for a very normal year.  For the first time we are offering three sections of Spanish Two! We have five sections of Spanish One and they are all full! I teach three of those sections and the awesome Señor Glorfield teaches two sections of Spanish One. We will use Spanish names in my classes. We will stay very busy learning Spanish and  having fun along the way! I am looking forward to meeting my new Spanish students and working with them. We have purchased brand new Spanish books!

     In the Spanish Three course the students will practice all that they had learned in the previous two years and become more fluent in all the four communication skills, speaking, comprehending, reading and writing. They can expect to be conversational in Spanish by the end of the year. They will also earn eight credits through CSI in the humanities. This may be enough to satisfy the general education requirements in humanities for a college degree! The best part is that the credits are funded by the state and the student does not incur any out-of-pocket expense! !Qué bien! We will see you soon!


Spanish One

In Spanish One we will start with the phonetics of the language. You will like the fact the Spanish spells as it sounds! We will work on the four basic communication skills, reading, writing speaking and comprehension from the very beginning. There will be an emphasis on the soft skills of interacting in Spanish with people who are native to the Spanish culture and others who speak Spanish as a second language. These are marketable skills that will help you succeed in life. We begin at a basic level and by the end of the course you will be able to use Spanish verbs in the present tense and have a sound foundation to continue to build your abilities to communicate in Spanish! It will open an entire world around you that you once didn't know very well before. We will have fun playing interactive review games that you will enjoy as them as part of your learning process. ¡Vamos! Let's go!

Spanish Three

Spanish Three allows the student the chance to master the grammar in Spanish I and II as it will all be retaught at a more accelerated pace. The goal of this course is increased fluency in written and spoken Spanish, as well as practical uses of Spanish in career choices. The course is taught in Spanish. Much more emphasis will be placed on vocabulary as the grammar will be review of the previous course. Homework is given daily, however there will be some class time for each task. The student will be expected to keep a running log on new vocabulary words. Native speakers will also identify words that they use that are colloquialisms verses universally accepted Spanish. There will be writing assignments in class that will be given peer review. The written work will be a springboard for class discussion in Spanish. Not only will you have lifelong skills in Spanish, but you will have completed the general education requirements for a bachelor's degree at most universities with eight college credits in humanities!

Spanish Two

Spanish Two will pick up where Spanish One ended. We will continue to build on the foundations in Spanish One. We will be adding the ability to use the past tense. This is an important skill in storytelling, relating life experiences as well as explaining what happened. We will continue to improve in reading, writing, speaking, and comprehending in the Spanish world. We will cover a lot of grammar so that in Spanish Three you will be able to hone your skills and add vocabulary. The goal is that as you compete the third year, you will have achieved a degree of fluency to function in the Spanish speaking communities of the world.