Johnathen Lund

Johnathen Lund
Johnathen Lund
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Information Technology

Hey there! I'm Mr. Lund a passionate educator and enthusiast in the realms of programming, web design, graphic design, and 3D modeling. With a knack for turning complex concepts into understandable and exciting learning experiences, I've dedicated myself to sharing my knowledge and fostering creativity in my students.
As a seasoned instructor, I've guided aspiring programmers through the intricacies of coding languages, helping them build the skills needed to create digital wonders from scratch. My expertise extends to the digital canvas, where I've helped budding web designers craft engaging and user-friendly online experiences.
With a keen eye for aesthetics, I've also delved into the world of graphic design, showing students how to visually communicate ideas effectively and elegantly. And if that's not enough, I've dived into the fascinating realm of 3D modeling, teaching aspiring artists the art of turning imagination into three-dimensional reality.
My approach to teaching is rooted in patience, hands-on experience, and the joy of discovery. I believe that anyone can excel in these fields with the right guidance and a dash of creativity. Whether you're a seasoned coder looking to master a new language or a complete beginner eager to explore the world of digital design, I'm here to help you embark on an exciting learning journey.
When I'm not teaching or honing my own skills, you'll likely find me immersed in a coding project, perfecting a design, or bringing virtual worlds to life. Join me in the adventure of learning and creating – let's turn your ideas into reality!

Programming and Software Development I

This course provides the beginning programmer with a solid foundation in programming fundamentals, using visualization and application. Designed for beginners with little or no previous programming experience, this course teaches students the fundamentals behind all programming languages. By putting standard concepts, like input, output, selection, and repetition, at the forefront, students will gain knowledge and insight that is easily transferable to other languages.