Christopher Ahlm

Christopher Ahlm
Christopher Ahlm
Social Studies

Greetings and Salutations! My name is Christopher Ahlm and I am the 9th Grade World History I teacher and School Librarian.


  • College of Southern Idaho: Associates Degree in Secondary Education
  • Boise State University: Bachelors Degree in Political Science, Social Science, and Secondary Education
  • Concordia University-Irvine: Masters Degree in Theological Research

Teaching Experience

  • Wings Charter Middle School 2011-2013: 6th and 7th Grade Mathematics, 7th Grade World History
  • Robert Stuart Middle School 2013-2016: 7th Grade Mathematics and 7th Grade World History
  • Kimberly High School 2016-present: 9th/10th Grade History


  • Married to Julee, an artist who paints beautiful oil paintings of people's beloved pets
  • Children
    • Alee: 15 years old, aspiring to paint and read every book by Tui Sutherland
    • Colt: 12 years old, aspiring basketball player
    • Tiberius: 5 years old, aspiring to be as funny as Robin Williams
  • Pets
    • Lucas: 13 years old, golden retriever, aspiring to fit 3 soccer balls in his mouth simultaneously
    • Maddy: 7 year old mixed cat, aspiring to slobber on every fleece blanket in the house
    • Poochie: 3 year old tabby cat, doesn't aspire, she's lazy
    • Hilda: 1 year old hairless monstrosity... I mean cat. My wife's cat to be specific. 

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