Brett Welch

Brett Welch
Brett Welch

Welcome to the Wide World of Math and Physics

I have been a teacher here at KHS since 2011, and absolutely love being part of this community.  I teach mathematics and science courses, and serve as a MS Cross Country coach and as the Head Track coach here at KHS.  I look forward to interacting with you in the halls, classroom, track, and in the community.  Go Bulldogs!


Algebra 2

In Algebra II, we will spend our time expanding our understanding of functions, to include trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic, rational, and trigonometric.  While these ideas may seem foreign now, you will gain control of the vocabulary and the mathematics. 


Physics will introduce students to the fundamental laws of their physical environment. Mechanics, energy and matter, electricity and magnetism, heat, light, sound, and nuclear physics will be explored through laboratory investigations, various technologies, problem-solving activities and independent research. Critical thinking and process skills will be emphasized. This course meets the graduation requirement for science.


This course will give a student a strong understanding of the topics in Elementary Statistics in order to prepare them for higher-level mathematics courses with an Introductory Statistics prerequisite. Statistical analysis skills acquired can be applied in a business setting after graduation. Elementary Statistics is a general education course, which fulfills the math requirement for some college majors. General education in Mathematics develops the understanding of mathematics as a language which permits the student to express, define, and answer questions about the world.