Brett Darrington

Brett Darrington
Brett Darrington

I am the 12th grade English teacher at Kimberly High School, and I am also one of the Senior Project Coordinators. I believe in teaching students to communicate through multiple means of expression and in making learning as relevant as possible. In my English classes and in Senior Projects students have opportunities to do both of these things.

I also enjoy running, fly fishing, and being with my family. I get to indulge in running as the head cross country coach and as an assistant track coach, fly fish during my summers off, and spend the rest of my time with my family, so life is good.


English 101

This is CSI's introductory writing course. Student will learn to plan, organize, research, write, and revise analytical papers. Students will write a minimum of 13 pages over the course of three papers. 

English 12

English 12 will take students through their senior paper, some college readiness activities, and British literature. First semester will include a study of Macbeth.  Second semester we will cover Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales, and a myriad of short stories. 

Honors English 12

This course will cover an study of literature and analysis. We will look into different theories of approaching a text, and why different people get completely different meanings depending on their starting point. We will also complete the senior paper in this class.