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Policy 5710

Paraprofessionals, Teachers’ Aides, and Paraeducators

Paraprofessionals, teachers’ aides, and paraeducators, as defined in the appropriate job descriptions, are under the supervision of a principal and a teacher to whom the principal may have delegated responsibility for close direction. The nature of the work accomplished by paraeducators will encompass a variety of tasks that may be inclusive of “limited instructional duties.”

Policy 5235

Employee Responsibilities Regarding Student Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying

The personal safety and welfare of each child is of paramount concern to the Board of Trustees, employees, and patrons of the District.  It is of particular importance that employees within the District become knowledgeable and thoroughly educated as to their legal and ethical responsibilities regarding intervention and reporting of student harassment, intimidation, and bullying.


Policy 5227P

Substance Abuse Procedure

Statement of Purpose:

Establish a drug-free workplace for the safety and health of our employees, students, and the general public. This is in accordance with Federal Law: PL 100-690, Title V. Subtitle D known as the Drug-Free Workplace Act & Drug-Free Schools and Community Act.


All employees, prospective employees and contract personnel, are subject to the conditions and terms of this policy.


Policy 5226

Tobacco Free Policy

The District maintains tobacco free buildings and grounds. Use of tobacco will not be allowed in any buildings or grounds nor will employees be allowed to use tobacco while on duty. Employees of the District will be hired with the understanding they are not to use any type of tobacco in school buildings or grounds.

These prohibitions on tobacco use are applicable to all school grounds twenty-four hours a day.

Legal Reference: I.C. § 39-5501 et seq. Clean Indoor Air Act

Policy History:

Adopted on: Nov. 21, 2003

Policy 5222A

Evaluation of Non-Certified Staff

The District has a firm commitment to performance evaluation of District personnel, whatever their category and level, through the medium of a formalized system. The primary purpose of such evaluation is to assist personnel in professional development and in achieving District goals. The procedures outlined in this document apply to non-certificated personnel.