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Policy 3141


Policy 3141R

The Kimberly School District Board of Trustees, in conformance with Idaho Code, sections 33-1402 through 33-1404 hereby adopts written policy guidelines for accepting or rejecting out-of-district students.   

Policy 3135

Resident Students

Resident students of Kimberly School District must reside within in the district boundaries of Kimberly School District and will be afforded all rights and privileges of students associated with resident students. As defined by Idaho Code section 33-1401(2), a student’s residence is the residence of the student’s parent or guardian. On initial enrollment into Kimberly School District a student’s parents or guardians will be required to provide proof of residency within Kimberly School District boundaries.

Policy 3606

Transfer of Student Records

A certified copy of the permanent, or cumulative, file of any student and the file containing special education records of any student shall be forwarded by mail, or electronically, to a local educational agency or accredited school in which the student seeks to or intends to enroll within ten (10) days after receipt of a written or electronic request.

Policy 3440P

Procedure – Removal of Student during School Day

Schools must exercise a high order of responsibility for the care of students while in school. The removal of a student during the school day may be authorized in accordance with the following procedures:

Policy 3440

Removal of Student during School Hours

The Board recognizes its responsibility for the proper care of students during school hours. Students shall not be removed from school grounds, any school building or school function during school hours except by a person duly authorized in accordance with District procedures.