September 21, 2016 | Kimberly



September 21, 2016

Executive Session 7:00 p.m.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: Myron Nield moved to enter executive session at 7:00 p.m. as provided for in section IC 74-206(1) b to consider personnel matters and acquisition of an interest in real property. Mr. Champlin asked for a roll call: Mr. Giles – yes, Mr. Higdem – yes, Mr. Nield – yes, Dr. Melvin – yes and Mr. Champlin - yes.  Mr. Higdem moved to exit executive session at 7:35 p.m. and Dr. Melvin seconded the motion. The motion carried 5–0.

Regular Meeting 7:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Champlin at 7:40 p.m. Present were trustees Mr. Higdem, Mr. Giles, Dr. Melvin and Mr. Nield. Also in attendance were Mr. Schroeder, Superintendent; Mrs. Wirtz, Business Manager; Mrs. Cooper, District Clerk; Dominik Unger, KHS Principal; Kirby Bright, Athletic Director; Matt Schvaneveldt, KMS Principal; Megan Garner, KES principal; Sara Crystal, Curriculum Director, Mike Huttanus, Technology Director; Ted Wasko, Maintenance Director; Darla Wadsworth, Transportation Director and Roxi Mumm, Food Service Director.

AGENDA: Mr. Nield moved to approve the agenda. Mr. Giles seconded the motion.  Note: BPA request re: Sadie Hawkins dance will be added to Reports. The motion carried 5–0.

FLAG SALUTE:  Everyone stood and participated in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Board PD: Mr. Schroeder updated the board with the latest on the Transgender Supreme Court Case re: utilizing the restroom of your biological gender or the gender you identify with. At this time there is a stay on legislation until a Supreme Court decision is made.

FFA NATIONAL CONVENTION: Six FFA members qualify for the National Convention in Indianapolis, IN October 17 - 22. Janessa Kluth, Kelsey Johnson, Kaylie Stastny, and Corby Kinslow were in attendance to report on the convention opportunities they find most exciting and to request that the board support them financially.

BPA / SADIE HAWKINS FUND RAISER: BPA reps Mya Brown and Rebecca Hardy were in attendance to explain to the board the reasons for having Sadie Hawkins off campus. This is one of their major fund raisers of the year. The board wished them well and said that if they wanted to have the event off campus it was up the high school administration.

HEARING OF VISITORS: Brett Welch, KHS math teacher presented the board with thank-you fliers signed by math students in appreciation for the T-4 calculators.

CORRESPONDENCE: ISBA workshop schedule.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Curtis Giles moved and Myron Nield seconded the motion to approve the August, 2016 financial report including investment pool statements.  Mrs. Wirtz noted that we received our 4.3 million dollar August payment from the state.  ADA is at 97% and if that holds the district may qualify for 3 more support units. The audit should be complete by the October board meeting. The motion carried 5-0.


  1. Myron Nield moved and Ryan Melvin seconded the motion to approve the 2nd reading to revise Policy 3122R Attendance aligning with the parental rights bill. The motion carried 5-0.
  2. Dane Higdem moved and Curtis Giles seconded the motion to approve the 2nd reading to revise Policy 8115 Maximum Drive Time - school bus drivers will not drive between the hours of 2-5 am. The motion carried 5-0.
  3. Building Project update by Mr. Schroeder regarding the board’s thoughts on the partition between the commons and the gym at the new elementary school.
  4. The board again reviewed the KSD Athletic Mission and Philosophy statements with Mr. Bright’s changes. Suggestions included adding “student athletes”; activity seasons instead of athletic seasons and Mr. Higdem felt that administrative control should be added.
  5. Use of district facilities for organizations not affiliated with Kimberly School District will be reviewed next board meeting to see if the policy 4330 should be revised.
  6. Ryan Melvin moved and Myron Nield seconded the motion to approve the assignment of the Centennial Subdivision Easement with Brad Wills. The motion carried 5-0.


CONSENT AGENDA: Dr. Melvin moved and Mr. Nield seconded the motion to approve the consent agenda with the following items. The motion carried 5-0.

  • Approve district invoices.
  • Approve school invoices
  • Approve food service expenditures.
  • Approve August 17 and September 7, 2016 meeting minutes.
  • Myron Nield moved and Curtis Giles seconded the motion to approve out of state travel for 6 FFA students and 1 advisor to travel to Indianapolis for the National Convention. The board approved funding each of the 6 students at $150 each. The motion carried 5-0.
  • Approve Luke Schroeder as KSD representative for ARTE/ARTEC
  • Approve submission of Alternative Authorization for Nicole Kindred KES Art Teacher
  • Approve wrestling co-op with Valley
  • Approve Agreement with Occupational Health Services
  • Accept $700 Direct Tech Enhancement Grant for Food Services
  • Sale of surplus items –pallets


APPROVE ADDITIONAL INVOICES: Myron Nield moved and Dane Higdem seconded the motion to approve additional invoices for August which included bond closing costs. The motion carried 5-0.

APPROVE FY17 TEACHER LEADERSHIP PREMIUMS: Dr. Melvin moved and Mr. Nield seconded the motion to approve the Teacher Leadership Premiums which are a one-time pay in June. The motion carried 5-0.

KIMBERLY SCHOOL DISTRICT DIRECTION OF DIGITAL TOOLS AND DIGITAL ETHICS: This was a discussion item. Sara Crystal, Curriculum Director and Mike Huttanus, Technology Director each reported to the board their ideas and insights on how we move forward in this “digital” area. Mrs. Crystal is concerned about how to balance the needs of students and teachers while minimizing the data risk. Mr. Huttanus faces a dilemma on how to make this happen with consistency and licensing issues utilizing industry standard tools. Both Mike and Sara agreed that digital ethics training must take place with staff and students. Mike praised Sara for her hard work getting data agreements in place with various companies. A committee meeting will be scheduled to study how to move forward with best practice in place considering all areas of concern.

APPROVE FY17 FUNDRAISING CALENDAR: Dane Higdem moved and Myron Nield seconded the motion to approve the FY17 Fundraising Calendar as presented. The motion carried 5-0.

ALLOW HEIDI CHILD TO SELL HER STEM LESSON PLANS: Curtis Giles moved and Ryan Melvin seconded the motion to allow Heidi Child to sell her STEM lesson plans on Teachers Pay Teachers per Policy 5471 Intellectual Property Rights. No district name should be included. The motion carried 5-0.

1ST READING TO REVISE POLICY 3141 NON-RESIDENT STUDENT ADMISSION: Curtis Giles moved and Myron Nield seconded the motion to approve as the first and final reading policy 3141 adding that an employee with a signed supplemental contract is considered an employee for this policy and as such their children may attend Kimberly School District. The motion carried 5-0.

APPROVE FY17 STRATEGIC PLAN: Myron Nield moved and Dane Higdem seconded the motion to approve the FY17 Strategic Plan including goals. The Strategic Plan will be posted to the website. The motion carried 5-0.


  • School Bonds have been sold. Saving 1.2 million on refinancing at 2.69%
  • FY17 enrollment is up 4.5%
  • ISBA convention in Boise, November  9-11 (Laurie will register attendees)
  • KMS gym floor buckled re: leaky washing machine and will be replaced. Insurance covers. $2,500 deductible.
  • Gun donated by Red’s Trading Post for KSF/PTSO Benefit Dinner October 22. Will be held in gun safe/
  • Good Stories to Share – Homecoming was a fun and successful week thanks to staff participation.


Dr. Melvin moved and Mr. Nield seconded the motion to approve the personnel report. The motion carried 5-0.


Debbie DeWitt            Recess Para
Denise Meek               SPED PARA 7 hours per day
Shelly Egbert               Food Service Cook


Aileen Thompson         SPED Para 3.5 hours per day
Hannah Nield               SPED Para 5 hours
Carla Hogue                 Food Service Cook
Shayla Tolman             SPED Para 3.5 hours per day
Doug Meyer                 Varsity Boy’s Baseball Coach
Jim Creasey                 Bus Driver (Retired)
LEADERSHIP TEAM REPORTS: Available on the website.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 10:45 pm.