PowerSchool Parent Single Sign-on | Kimberly

Our parent notification system can be modified to fit your needs. Alert Solutions is integrated with the existing PowerSchool Parent Portal and can not only send voice messages to your phone, but text messages, and/or even e-mail you. You can personalize your account preferences by logging into the system (powerschool.kimberly.edu/public/home.html)

PowerSchool Parent Single Sign-on (Beginning November 11, 2015)

After logging on, you will now see a new link called “Alert Solutions 2” on the left hand side of screen.  You will be able to see all the contact information our school has listed for you.  Within this section of the Parent Portal, you will also be able to choose your communication preferences based on message category, such as School Closures or Attendance, and message type (email, voice and/or text message). You may opt-out of any message category except for Emergency Messages.

Setting up your parent preferences is your responsibility.  To receive text messages, you must go to Preferences by Message Type and Click and hold to drag the contact information above to the appropriate boxes below.  By default, phone calls and email are chosen.  You will receive messages to every contact field shown and every message category that has all three message types chosen. Tolls and charges associated with receipt of messages from the school are your responsibility and not the responsibility of the school.  Please be sure to set your unique preferences if there are any numbers or addresses you do not like to be contacted at.    All phone numbers and email addresses must be in a valid format to save properly.  xxx-xxx-xxxx

If you do not have access to log into the Parent Portal, you may contact the school directly to get the information you need to set up an account.  If you have any questions, please contact your child's school.  We hope you appreciate these updated features and the flexibility it will provide for you as a parent.

Instructions on how to set up account can be accessed here, PowerSchool Parent Single Sign-on Instructions.