Policy 8100P | Kimberly



Due to the continual growth within the Kimberly School District, new zone boundaries have been determined and the transportation department has a need to provide new guidelines and procedures. These procedures are necessary to ensure safety, proper placement of students, and keep routes efficient and economical. Exceptions to the following procedures, for extenuating circumstances, may be presented in writing to, and considered by, the Transportation Director and School Principal.

  1. To make things safe, easy and less stressful, we ask that you choose only one AM and one PM bus stop. AM stop may be different than PM stop.
  2. Students will be granted a temporary change in bus stops only when a family emergency is present. (such as hospitalization)
  3. Children at daycare may be granted transportation to or from Daycare providing the daycare is within the school zone they are attending.
  4. If there is a need to change your daycare provider, transportation may grant the change if requested in writing to the transportation office.
  5. Notes to drivers will no longer be accepted as a means of changing transportation plans.
  6. Students may be transported to/from a new permanent address (such as a rental home) if they have moved to that address and it is within the zone that they attend school. (See Policy #3135, Resident Students)
  7. Upon entering the bus, students may not leave the bus (other than their designated

stop) without permission from the students’ respective school office or administrator.

  1. Kindergarten parents need to be visible at their students assigned stop when the bus arrives at the stop. Drivers’ will not leave students unsupervised at the stop. If a parent is not at the designated stop, the student will be brought back to school.
  2. Fifth graders living in the South Zone, will be shuttled to/from Sticker by transferring from their route bus to a shuttle bus at High School loading zone for the 2018-19 school year only.
  3. Students with special transportation needs will be transported across zone boundaries as indicated in the IEP or 504.
  4. If your child missed the bus you will be responsible to get them to school. (Do not follow the bus to get them on at another stop)
  5. Students will not be able to have additional students ride with them on the bus.
  6. As the new boundaries have changed, the instrument measurement “cut off rate” is no longer current. In FY19 a new safety busing “cut off" rate will be determined. By FY20, some students within a mile and a half from any Kimberly school may not be granted transportation by the district.



If you have any questions or concerns, please call the transportation department first at 423-4170 x 3306