November 18, 2015 | Kimberly


November 18, 2015

EXECUTIVE SESSION: Mr. Higdem moved to enter executive session at 6:30 p.m. as provided for in section IC 74-206(1) b to consider personnel matters and acquisition of an interest in real property. Mr. Champlin asked for a roll call: Mr. Champlin – yes, Mr. Higdem – yes, Mr. Nield – yes, Mr. Giles – yes (via phone).  Mr. Giles had to leave the meeting at 7:20 p.m. Mr. Nield moved to exit executive session at 7:25 p.m. and Mr. Higdem seconded the motion. The motion carried 3–0.

Regular Meeting 7:00 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Champlin at 7:25 p.m. after the board had yearbook pictures taken. Present were trustees Mr. Nield, Mr. Champlin, and Mr. Higdem. Mr. Giles was absent for the regular meeting. Zone 3 is vacant. Mr. Schroeder, Superintendent; Mrs. Cooper, district clerk; Mrs. Wirtz, business manager; Mrs. Senecal, HS principal; Mr. Schvaneveldt, MS principal; Mrs. Garner, ES principal; Sara Crystal, curriculum director; Michelle Haught, SPED Director; Roxanne Mumm, food service director; and Darla Wadsworth, transportation director were also in attendance.

AGENDA: Mr. Nield moved to approve the amended agenda as presented (added SPED and Curriculum directors reports and updating personnel report). Mr. Higdem seconded the motion. The motion carried 3–0.

FLAG SALUTE:  Everyone stood and participated in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Vivace performed for the board and then reported on the trip they hope to take in May to Utah; visiting schools, performing at Music in the Parks, tour Hale Theater and see Peter and the Star Catcher. The board suggested they approach the foundation for possible help with their fundraising efforts.

FFA members came dressed in their blue jackets and reported on their Louisville Nationals trip. (Mr. Champlin received a Louisville slugger….) 65,000 members attended the National Convention and Kimberly received a 3 star chapter award which is the highest available. The livestock judging team was 7th in the nation with a 1st in sheep and goat judging! Amazing!! The board expressed how proud they are of these kids. Convention highlights included visiting an Amish community, career and college exploration opportunities, zip lining, and the chance to network future career prospects was inspiring.


MRS. GARNER’S VISION FOR KES – with vastly changing growth and demographics in Kimberly Mrs. Garner would like the focus to be on community, staff connection with students, student belonging, and safety. She would like several adults in each building that know each student by name thus offering a sense of security. She acknowledges Kimberly students always score high academically and would like to also promote positive play, making friends, problem solving skills and a sense of safety.

MR. SCHVANEVELDT’S VISION FOR KMS – growth will dictate decisions and curriculum offerings as they relate to space and staff. It is important to have the right people in the right places as we navigate through the current teacher shortage. He encourages curriculum that serves students. This year a MS Ag class and 8th grade Spanish class were added. He would like to work with transitioning 5th graders to the MS and 8th graders to the high school.

MS. SENECAL’S HS VISION – important to prepare students’ for future academic and professional technical opportunities by exposing students to applicable class offerings. Ms. Senecal would like to focus on individual success, positive self-talk and resiliency skills that will assist students in whatever future endeavors they choose. Studies show that foreign language learners are likely to become learners for life. Offer more of these classes? She gave kudos to Sara Crystal on her curriculum and professional development work.

MS. HAUGHT’S SPED AND FEDERAL PROGRAM’S VISION – for her vision across her diverse programs Ms Haught would like to empower students by encouraging partnerships with students, parents and staff.

MRS. CRYSTAL’S CURRICULUM/PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT VISION – Mrs. Crystal’s vision begins with an idea that concentrates on student growth, believing that every person can grow & learn and build on our excellence. She sees professional development and curriculum as integrated and envisions teachers as lead learners. There is a science and an art to the craft of teaching where students learn to love learning.

HEARING OF VISITORS: Tonight’s audience included Heath Cunningham (Zone 5) and Ryan Melvin (Zone 2) who have expressed an interest in filling the Zone 3 vacancy.

Jerome HS principal, Keelie Campbell was in attendance with her husband. She was attending the board meeting as required by a class for her ed specialist degree.


FINANCIAL REPORT: Dane Higdem moved and Myron Nield seconded the motion to approve the October, 2015 financial report including investment pool statements and authorizing the First Fed CD rollover for another 3 months.  The motion carried 3-0.


  1. Zone 3 Vacancy – No interest in this vacancy to date. The vacancy can now be filled outside the zone. The board has received letters of interest from Ryan Melvin (Zone 2) and Heath Cunningham (Zone 5). Mr. Champlin and Mr. Nield will interview candidates the week after Thanksgiving and hope to have a recommendation to the board at the December board meeting.


CONSENT AGENDA: Mr. Nield moved and Mr. Higdem seconded the motion to approve the consent agenda with the following items. The motion carried 3-0.

  • Approve district invoices for November, 2015.
  • Approve school invoices.
  • Approve food service expenditures.
  • Approve October 21, 2015 meeting minutes.
  • Approve Vivace choir trip to Layton, Utah for Music in the Parks competition.
  • Sale of surplus pallets and freezer panels.



APPROVE ADDITIONAL INVOICES: Mr. Nield moved and Mr. Higdem seconded the motion to approve the additional invoices. The motion carried 3-0.

NOVEMBER BUDGET REVISION: Myron Nield moved to approve the November Budget Revision and Mr. Higdem seconded the motion. After the audit was finalized the beginning balance increased by $241,000. The salary based apportionment is at 92.5 units with growth. The budget utilized 89 units. The November revise has a total unbudgeted amount of $247,877. $300,000 was transferred into Plant Facilities for future projects. The motion carried 3-0.

IHSAA WRESTLING CO-OP WITH HANSEN - Mr. Higdem moved to continue the wrestling co-op with Hansen for FY16 and FY17. Mr. Nield seconded the motion. The motion carried 3-0.

ATC AGREEMENT WITH St. Luke’s Magic Valley: Myron Nield moved and Dane Higdem seconded the motion to authorize Superintendent Luke Schroeder to sign the agreement after reviewing with attorney Tim Stover. The board is not in favor of banners in the gym. The contract will be for 2 years (an athletic trainer to be on site 15 hours per week for 10 months). Cost is $15,000 per year. The motion carried 3-0.

REVIEW OF DRESS CODE POLICY 3224: Mr. Schvaneveldt is facilitating a group that is reviewing our current dress code policy in lieu of recent gender neutral laws and individual rights. Much discussion and many ideas ensued, especially surrounding head coverings and facial piercings. The board would like to see a policy that is easy for teachers and administrators to implement. It was suggested dress code policies from surrounding districts and states be reviewed.

KSD EMPLOYEE CHRISTMAS GIFTS: Myron Nield moved and Dane Higdem seconded the motion to approve purchasing $100 in KBOA gift certificates for each employee as a Christmas gift. KBOA generously gives the district a 20% discount. The board is pleased they are able to increase the amount of their gift to employees. The motion carried 3-0.


  • The recent ISBA Convention was the most highly attended in recent years. Many workshops were attended including board bias, Go On opportunities, passing bonds, school finance, and many more.
  • Master Building Plan Committee Update – The 2nd of 3 meetings will be held November 19th at 1:00 p.m. with a community meeting to follow at 5:00 p.m.
  • A Board scenario PD will be added at the beginning of every board meeting agenda i.e. .. What is protocol when a board member received a call from a disgruntled patron? Listen and take notes, suggest following the chain of command; have you spoke with the teacher? The principal? The superintendent?
  • Good stories to tell…… Students from Mr. Burk’s class at KHS toured Solo Cup and one young lady was encouraged to apply after graduation; KHS swim team is becoming well known around the state with many swimmers participating; Christy Taylor’s numbers in band and choir are exploding! She has arranged for donations and received a brand new xylophone!!
  • Don’t forget the foundation dinner this Sat. Nov. 21st.


Myron Nield moved and Dane Higdem seconded the motion to approve the amended personnel report. The motion carried 3-0.


Jennifer Hartgrave      5 hour per day SPED para

James Mark                 5 hour per day SPED para


Bridget Tilton               KHS Secretary

James Mark                  5 hour per day SPED para

Dominik Unger             Varsity Defensive Coordinator

DaNaie Huddleston      Bus Driver

ADJOURNMENT: Mr. Nield moved to adjourn at 9:55 pm, Mr. Higdem seconded and the motion carried 3-0.