November 16, 2014 | Kimberly

Executive Session 6:45 p.m.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: Myron Nield moved to enter executive session at 6:45 p.m. as provided for in section IC 74-206(1) b to consider personnel matters and acquisition of an interest in real property. Mr. Champlin asked for a roll call: Mr. Giles via phone for executive session - yes, Mr. Nield – yes, Dr. Melvin – yes and Mr. Champlin - yes.  Dr. Melvin moved to exit executive session at 7:04 p.m. and Mr. Nield seconded the motion. The motion carried 4–0.

Regular Meeting 7:00 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Champlin at 7:05 p.m. Prior to the regular meeting, the board enjoyed Papa Kelsey’s sandwiches.  Present were trustees Dr. Melvin and Mr. Nield. Mr. Giles and Mr. Higdem were absent. Also in attendance were Mr. Schroeder, Superintendent; Mrs. Wirtz, Business Manager; Dominik Unger, KHS Principal;  Megan Garner, KES principal; Jake Massey, KES Vice-Principal; Sara Crystal, Curriculum Director, Ted Wasko, Maintenance Director; and Roxi Mumm, Food Service Director.

AGENDA: Mr. Nield moved to approve the agenda. Dr. Melvin seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3–0.

FLAG SALUTE:  Everyone stood and participated in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Board PD: Benefits of ISBA – tabled until December meeting.

Sanctioning Swimming as a High School Sport: Swim Team Captain Matthew Wirtz along with club members Tyler Lloyd, MacCabe Taylor and Trevin Momberger reported to the board on why they would like the school and board to support swimming as an IHSAA sanctioned sport.  Issues include transportation safety, swim team fees, and uniforms. They have fund raisers to help offset the cost to participate but it is still expensive and Matthew believes it limits participation.

The Swim Team is very grateful for the support of Kimberly High School and the athletic department in acknowledging their club which is unique to other swim clubs. They earn an Athletic Letter; are acknowledged at pep assemblies, the homecoming parade and are in the yearbook.

Myron Nield moved to support their application to the IHSAA and Ryan Melvin seconded the motion. The motion carried 3-0.

(Old Business) Building Project Update by Jason Derricott of STARR Corporation, Corey Johnson and Scott Roberts of CTA:

  • Site is the same.
  • Exterior and interior color samples were reviewed.
  • Floor Plan is the same with square footage added to the commons area for a total of 51,600 square feet.
  • Different colors for each learning wing.
  • Save $25,000-$30,000 in gym flooring by not using wood.
  • Project is within 4% of budget.
  • The $10,900,000 budget includes $150,000 for land and infrastructure i.e. widening of roads and sidewalks. Does not include light signal but there will be a flashing light.
  • Legal description is complete.

HEARING OF VISITORS: Those in attendance were on the agenda.


  • Thank you from Mr. Schroeder for flowers sent to his mom’s funeral on behalf of Kimberly School District.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Myron Nield moved and Ryan Melvin seconded the motion to approve the October, 2016 financial report including investment pool statements, First Federal CD automatic rollover and the commercial card spread sheet.  The motion carried 3-0.


Kimberly School District Athletic Philosophy: Dr. Melvin moved to approve the Athletic Mission Statement with changes from past discussions that included “student athletes” in lieu of “athletes; and adding Kimberly High School allows student athletes the opportunity to participate in multiple seasonal activities at the highest level to achieve optimal personal growth. Student athletes will be given the opportunity to develop their skills and reach their maximum potential in a well-organized and safe environment during their athletic activities.

Mr. Nield seconded the motion. The motion carried 3-0.


CONSENT AGENDA: Myron Nield moved and Dr. Melvin seconded the motion to approve the consent agenda with the following items. The motion carried 3-0.

  • Approve district invoices
  • Approve school invoices
  • Approve food service expenditures.
  • Approve October 19, 2016 meeting minutes.
  • Sale of surplus items –pallets.


APPROVE ADDITIONAL INVOICES: Myron Nield moved and Ryan Melvin seconded the motion to approve additional invoices for October. The motion carried 3-0.

APPROVE NOVEMBER BUDGET REVISE: Dr. Melvin moved and Mr. Nield seconded the motion to approve the November budget revision that reflect updated beginning balances from the audit; an increase in units to 98.5; updated staff to actual and added emergency levy revenue and expenses. The motion carried 3-0.

APPROVE KSD EMPLOYEE CHRISTMAS GIFT: Mr. Nield moved and Dr. Melvin seconded the motion to approve a $100 KBOA Christmas gift certificate per employee. KBOA is offering a 10% discount. This amount is reflected in the budget. The motion carried 3-0.

APPROVE 1ST READING TO ADOPT DRONE POLICY 8550: Table until December meeting.




  • Mr. Nield and Mr. Schroeder reviewed their ISBA convention experiences.
  • The KBOA St. Nicholas Celebration will be held December 3rd in the LA Thomas this year.
  • PTSO / KSF Annual Dinner and Auction resulted in a net of $8,100 for PTSO and $8,100 for the foundation.
  • Veteran’s Day was observed and KSD Veteran’s each received a shirt to show our appreciation for their service.
  • Good Stories to Share – Luke, Myron, Megan and Dominik all had stories to share.


Mr. Nield moved and Dr. Melvin seconded the motion to approve the personnel report. The motion carried 3-0.


Linda Taylor                .25 School Psychologist (sharing with Buhl School District)



LEADERSHIP TEAM REPORTS: Available on the website.

ADJOURNMENT: Ryan Melvin moved to adjourn the meeting 8:30 pm and Myron Nield seconded the motion. The motion carried 3-0.