Long Range Plan | Kimberly

Kimberly School District
February 18, 2015

Our Mission

In partnership with students, staff, parents, and community, the Kimberly School District strives to be a system of world-class schools. Utilizing a comprehensive curriculum, a highly qualified staff empowers our students with the knowledge and skills to flourish and prosper in the global society.

Long Range Committee Members:

Brenda Woods

Christi Benson

Craig Maki

Dave Fullmer

Dr. Dave Makings

Greg Edgar

Jake Tolman

Jim Eyring

Josh Baird

Kip Thompson

Luke Schroeder

Megan Garner

Michelle Sturgill

Monica Cook

Rob Champlin

Sara Taylor

Sara Tolman

Scott Plew

Tami Cahoon

Ted Wasko

Jerry Olson


Goal: Kimberly School District will create an exceptional learning environment that engages, challenges, and supports all students so that they thrive and achieve their academic potential every year, while preparing them to pursue post-secondary opportunities to be global citizens and lifelong learners.

  • Provide continuous learning and career and life readiness for students district wide.

  • Maintain the variety of AP, dual credit, Tech Prep, and life skills courses.  These will be provided to students in a multitude of modalities to meet the vast array of student learning styles.

  • Provide quality curriculum instruction and assessment that aligns with district, state, and federal guidelines and meets the needs of current business industry.

  • Involve community members in career exploration and provide instruction in a multitude of modalities.

  • Employ and retain a highly qualified workforce that exemplify and model continuous learning and career and life skills.

  • Support all teachers, staff, and faculty in personal, professional, and community development.

  • Provide a variety of activities to introduce and enhance cultural, social, civic, leadership and athletic interests and abilities to students district wide.

  • Enlist the college, community, and teaching staff in developing activities.

  • Performance on all state assessments will be above the state average and increase from the previous year.


Community School Relations

Goal: Kimberly School District will work to enhance a sense of community by improving relationships and building partnerships with all stakeholders.

  • Kimberly School District will engage the community to ensure its participation in district meetings, organizations, clubs, committees, etc, as a means to elicit input regarding Kimberly School District’s current and future goals.

  • Kimberly School District will value and be open to the talents and contributions of patrons.

  • Kimberly School District values effective communication. Communication will be delivered in a variety of venues to reach all community groups and organizations.

  • Kimberly School District will build and maintain productive relationships with the City of Kimberly, local and state government, civic and service organizations, and the business community.


Kimberly School District Facilities

Goal: The Kimberly School District will provide safe school environments for students, staff, volunteers and patrons in well maintained facilities that optimize learning and development while planning for future needs.

  • Create a twenty year master facility plan reviewed annually.

  • To achieve optimal school sizes pursue neighborhood elementary schools of enrollment sizes of 450-500 students. The maximum ideal size for middle school enrollment will be 650-750 and high school 900-1000 students.

  • Acquire land for future growth.

  • Build and maintain facilities and equipment that enhance advanced opportunities, academies, alternative educational settings, etc.

  • Maintain and improve current facilities.

  • Provide facilities that will incorporate the current and future needs of all disciplines, programs, content areas, and activities offered by the Kimberly School District.