January 21, 2015 | Kimberly



January 21, 2015

EXECUTIVE SESSION: Mr. Nield moved to enter executive session at 6:35 p.m. as provided for in section IC 67-2345(1) b to consider the evaluation, dismissal or disciplining of, or to hear complaints or charges brought against a public officer, employee, staff member or individual agent or public school student. Mr. Champlin asked for a roll call. Mr. Nield – yes, Mr. Higdem – yes (via phone), Mr. Fuller – yes (via Skype) and Mr. Champlin – yes. Myron Nield moved to exit executive session at 7:00 p.m. and Mr. Higdem seconded the motion. The motion carried 4–0.

Regular Meeting 7:00 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Champlin at 7:00 p.m. Present were trustees Mr. Nield, Mr. Higdem via phone; Mr. Fullmer via Skype; Mr. Hallett and Mr. Champlin. Mr. Schroeder, Superintendent; Mrs. Cooper, district clerk; Mrs. Wirtz, business manager; Mrs. Brown, HS principal; Mr. Schvaneveldt, MS principal; Mrs. Garner, ES principal; Sara Crystal, curriculum director and Ted Wasko, maintenance/transportation director were also in attendance.

AGENDA: Mr. Nield moved to approve the agenda as presented. Mr. Fullmer seconded the motion. The motion carried 4–0.

FLAG SALUTE: Everyone stood and participated in the Pledge of Allegiance.


KIMBERLY RECREATION DISTRICT: Kimberly Mayor Tracy Armstrong reported that the City has been doing research and discovery on a recreation district the last couple years. A unique opportunity is speeding up the timing of this project. If a rec district is placed on the May ballot and approved, a $1,000,000 donation for two indoor basketball courts will be gifted. Mike Preece and Jamie Carlton foresee an easy transition from KYA to a rec district. A continuing relationship and partnership with the school district is necessary. The rec district would be for all ages and an open gym one night per week is part of the agreement with the donor. A petition with 20% of the patrons (same boundaries as KSD) is required before Feb. 15, 2015.

DBS INSPECTION: Postponed until February meeting.

HEARING OF VISITORS: Boy Scouts working on merit badges were in attendance tonight.

CORRESPONDENCE: Many thank you cards from staff for the KBOA Christmas gift certificates.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Myron Nield moved and Dane Higdem seconded the motion to approve the December, 2014 financial report including investment pool statements. The motion carried 4-0.


ZONE 3 TRUSTEE OATH OF OFFICE: Mrs. Cooper, district clerk administered the Trustee Oath of Office to Mr. Shane Hallet. Mr. Hallett was appointed by the board to serve the remainder of the term for Zone 3. Mr. Higdem left the meeting via conference call at 7:45 p.m. after Mr. Hallett was sworn in.

STADIUM SCOREBOARD: The board asked to see a scoreboard contract (including the fine print) with one of the companies that would front the cost of the scoreboard and coordinate the sponsorships prior to making the decision to purchase.

FINANCIAL ADVISOR CONTRACT: Mr. Nield abstained from voting. Dave Fullmer moved and Shane Hallett seconded the motion to approve the financial advisor contract with Eric Herringer of Piper Jaffray. The motion carried 3-0.

APPROVE REVISION TO POLICY 5122 CRIMINAL HISTORY/BACKGROUND CHECKS: Dave Fullmer moved and Shane Hallett seconded the motion to approve the 2nd and final reading of policy 5122 which added a paragraph pertaining to maintaining confidentiality. The motion carried 4-0.

2005 BOND RESOLUTION TO REFINANCE: After Dec. discussion with financial advisor Eric Herringer, the board determined it was prudent to call the 2005 bonds and refinance to pay off in 2016 (2 years early) saving $60K. Dave Fullmer moved and Shane Hallett seconded the motion to authorize actions related to the call and redemption of general obligation refunding bonds, series 2005, in the principal amount of $1,120,000 of School District No. 414. The board chose proposal option from Bank A (Zion’s Bank) with ISBG (Idaho School Bond Guarantee) indicating if that option is too lengthy go to the option w/o the ISBG. The motion carried 4-0.


CONSENT AGENDA: Mr. Nieldmoved and Mr. Hallett seconded the motion to approve the consent agenda including the following items. The motion carried 4-0.

  • Approve district invoices.
  • Approve school invoices.
  • Approve food service expenditures.
  • Approve December 21, 2014 meeting minutes.
  • Sale of surplus pallets.
  • Approve HS Ski Club trip to Lost Trail in Montana Feb. 13-16, 2015. Advisor is Mrs. Nannini.


APPROVE ADDITIONAL INVOICES: Mr. Nield moved and Mr. Hallett seconded the motion to approve the additional invoices. Mrs. Wirtz explained that the money paid to parents for the Fast Forward program would be reimbursed by the state. The motion carried 4-0.

LA THOMAS EAGLE SCOUT PROJECT: Mr. Nield moved and Mr. Fullmer seconded the motion allowing Eagle Scout Tate Erickson to build a display case for the LA Thomas as his Eagle Scout project and Shelby Hamblen will fill the display case with historical artifacts for her senior project. This project will be monitored by Les Nelson and is scheduled to be done in May. The motion carried 4-0.

MODULAR BUILDINGS: Shane Hallett moved and Myron Nield seconded the motion authorizing Mr. Schroeder to negotiate a price for modular classrooms Jerome School District has for sale (2 units with two 900 sq ft classrooms in each). The motion carried 4-0.

Myron Nield moved and Shane Hallett seconded the motion to transfer plant facility money to purchase the modulars. The motion carried 4-0.

CENTENNIAL SUBDIVISION EASEMENT: This is an information item.Mr. Brad Wills was in attendance to explain his request that the district grant him an easement for water and sewer lines. He owns property south of KES and hopes to proceed with a 15 home subdivision. The work would be done in the summer and he agrees to construct a privacy fence and sound proof pump station for the district. Attorney Mr. Stover has drawn up an agreement that will be presented at the Feb. Board meeting after some minor revisions involving safety issues.

TRUSTEE ELECTION FOR ZONES 1,4 & 5: This is an information item. The election date is Tuesday, May 19, 2015. Declaration of Candidacy and Petition for Candidacy forms are due to Cathy by March 20, 2015. Incumbents are Zone 1, Rob Champlin; Zone 4, Dave Fullmer; and Zone 5, Myron Nield.

APPROVE REVISION TO POLICY 5430 P/F VOLUNTEERS: Shane Hallett moved and Myron Nield seconded the motion to approve as 1st and final reading a revision to policy form 5430P/F clarifying required confidentiality of employees performing background checks of employees and volunteers. The motion carried 4-0.


  • Building update – new curtains installed, stadium lights connected, LA Thomas sound system improved, still working on ramp heater…... $3,000 remains in building fund.
  • Section 125 Cafeteria Plans – verifying how the amount per employee can be used if health benefits are not chosen.
  • Long Range Planning Committee will report to the board in February, sub-groups meet next week.
  • Legislative Day on the Hill is Feb. 16-17, 2015. Luke will attend.
  • Calendar committee to convene in February. Mr. Hallett will participate.
  • Safety at the high school parking lot seems to have improved with more staff supervision. Kudo’s!
  • PBS special Monday night at 8:00 p.m. showcasing KHS students.
  • Brett Welch, KHS and Sara Tolman, KMS have 50 students registered for the Science Olympiad!


Myron Nield moved and Shane Hallett seconded the motion to approve the personnel report. The motion carried 4-0.


Jessica Gushwa                       Custodian

Jon Lund                      Digital Literacy and Technology Specialist (.5 FTE)

Ken Jackson                 Bus Driver


Pam Murphy                 Bus Driver

Coleen Florke               Technology Department


LEADERSHIP TEAM REPORTS: - Available on website

ADJOURNMENT: Myron Nield moved to adjourn at 9:40 p.m.