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Driver's Education

The next Driver's Ed class will begin in the second week of March.  Students must be available from 3:30 to 5:30 pm on Tuesday and Thursdays.  Students participating in spring sports will not be able to attends this Driver's Ed session.  Students' birthday must be on or before August 5, 2000. The class will end June 5, 2015.  Students must sign up in the high school office by February 5.




                   Power School

                                             POWER ANNOUNCEMENT….

Our new parent notification system, can be modified to fit your needs. Power announcement can not only send voice messages to your phone, but text messages, or even e-mail you. You can personalize your power announcement preferences by logging on to the Power School Parent Portal and going to the Parent Announcement link.

Detailed instructions can be accessed at Public/Parent Resources look for a link called Welcome to Power Announcement for Parents.

PowerSchool Parent Single Sign-on

In an effort to enhance communication with parents/guardians, we have updated our PowerSchool Parent Portal to a single sign on program. This will allow parents/guardians with more than one child to access all of their children at one time with one login and password. You will still be able to securely view your child's up to the minute student attendance, grades, detailed assignment descriptions, school bulletins, and even personal messages from the teacher.

Instruction on how to set up account are in the Public/Parent Resources section of our web page, PowerSchool Parent Single Sign-on.
















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