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Spring weather is here!

Dear Kimberly Elementary Families:

The spring weather has finally arrived and we wanted to ask for your help with a few things as we close out the school year.

Please be aware and mindful of the dress code we have outlined in the handbook. Please refer to the following.

Hats or headwear are not to be worn in the building. Exceptions to this will be if hats or headwear are for safety, medical, instructional, or religious purposes.

If the dress of any student is distracting and/or disruptive to the normal classroom procedure, or is determined to be unsafe for the individual or others, he/she will be asked to change into something more appropriate. No midriff skin is to show at any time.

Students are not allowed to wear clothing that does not adequately cover their bodies. Remember the all shirts should have sleeves or a strap that has a minimum of a 2 inch width. Tops must cover both shoulder blades in the back with no skin showing down the entire backside.

Shorts/skirts, etc., need to be no shorter than 3 inches above the knees.

We thank you in advance for helping us remind our students of appropriate dress code needs and we look forward to a very positive finish to what has been an outstanding school year.

Best regards,

Megan Garner, Principal

Kimberly Elementary School

Take some time and make sure that your son or daughter is ready for the cold weather! We go outside almost every day.


Notification of Rights under FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) 


our new parent notification system, can be modified to fit your needs. Power announcement can not only send voice messages to your phone, but text messages, or even e-mail you. You can personalize your power announcement preferences by logging on to the Power School Parent Portal and going to the Parent Announcement link.

Detailed instructions can be accessed at Public/Parent Resources look for a link called Welcome to Power Announcement for Parents.

PowerSchool Parent Single Sign-on

In an effort to enhance communication with parents/guardians, we have updated our PowerSchool Parent Portal to a single sign on program. This will allow parents/guardians with more than one child to access all of their children at one time with one login and password. You will still be able to securely view your child's up to the minute student attendance, grades, detailed assignment descriptions, school bulletins, and even personal messages from the teacher.

Instruction on how to set up account are in the Public/Parent Resources section of our web page, PowerSchool Parent Single Sign-on.




At the beginning of each school year, we remind our students of the rules that keep them safe coming to school, at school and returning home.  We would appreciate your assistance in talking with your youngsters about being safe. These are the rules we are teaching in order to emphasize safe street-crossing procedures:

  • Use safe crossing sites or cross walks when available.

  • Use crossing flags when available.

  • Do not cross between parked cars.

  • Always stop at the edge of the road before crossing.

  • Always look in all directions before starting to cross.

  • Start crossing when no cars are coming or when cars have stopped.

  • Keep looking for traffic when crossing.

  • Walk directly across the road.

  • Stay focused while crossing the street.

  • Follow the directions of the crossing guard.

We are also reminding the children that in the spring and fall, when the sun rises directly in the east and sets directly in the west, it is more difficult for drivers on east-west roads to see children crossing the street.

The school district will have a crossing guard on Center Street in front of the Intermediate Elementary Building. We also have a crossing guard on Main Street.

As part of our efforts to keep our children safe, The Kimberly School District and the City of Kimberly are participating in the Safe Routes to School programs.  The purpose of the program is to  examine conditions around schools and conduct projects and activities that work to improve safety and accessibility, and reduce traffic and air pollution in the vicinity of schools. As a result, these programs help make bicycling and walking to school safer and more appealing transportation choices thus encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age.


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