Sophomore Information | Kimberly

October 11: PSAT 8:00-12:00.  Civic project off campus in the afternoon.

Check out Next Steps Idaho to see what you should be doing as a Sophomore to prepare for graduation and life after high school.

You should have a portfolio set up in Idaho CIS, but if not, visit this website and create one.  There are a ton of helpful tools! 


A successful candidate for dual credit:

  • Has at least a 2.5 GPA.
  • Has satisfied the prerequisites for the course (where applicable).
  • Has shown responsibility for taking control of their own education.
  • Realizes that the course is college-level, which means increased rigor and more independent work.
  • Has done due diligence to discover how the course will transfer to their post-secondary institution of choice.
  • Has applied to CSI and has their log-in information.
  • Knows that a grade below a C in any dual credit course has to be repeated in college.
  • Knows that a grade below a C may place the student on financial aid probation when they enter college.
  • Has gone to to read all the policies regarding dual credit, including add and drop dates.

CSI High School Parent Information

Placement Requirements for English, Math, and Physical Science:

Students who take dual credit coursework in English, Math, and Physical Science are required to be appropriately placed into classes according to CSI policy through one of the following methods:

1. Placement based on The ALEKS Placement Test for math placement.

2. Placement based on The Write Class Placement Survey for English placement.

3. Placement based on a cross-over comparison of the ACT or SAT test results.

Students will not be able to register for dual credit coursework in the areas mentioned above until proper placement scores are submitted to CSI or a “Dual Credit Placement Release” form has been submitted in lieu of placement scores. CSI strongly recommends that all students are appropriately placed according to ALEKS, The Write Class, or ACT/SAT test scores. Placement guides can be found online at

Fast Forward-If you’ll be using Fast Forward funds to assist with the cost of you class, you’ll need to submit a funding request in the Advanced Opportunities Portal. Please visit or speak with your school counselor/administrator for more information. CSI and Dual Credit Contact Information: Phone: 208-933-2320 Email: Visit us online at 

Dual Credit Courses offered at KHS:

1) Music Appreciation (MUSI 100);

2) Wellness Through Healthy Living (HLTH 255);

3) Introduction to Allied Health (ALLH 100);

4) Fundamentals of Oral Communication (COMM 101);

5) Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 201);

6) Personal Finance (FINA 102);

7) General Psychology (PSYC 101);

8) Elementary Spanish 1 (SPAN 101);

9) Food Systems Science (AGRI 180) and (AGRI 180L);

10) Information Science/Data Management (BUSA 215);

11) English Compostition 1 (ENGL 101);

12) US History 2 (HIST 112);

13) College Algebra (MATH 143);

14) Precalculus (MATH 147);

15) Elementary Statistics (MATH 153);

16) Calculus 1 (MATH 170);

17) American National Governement (POLS 101);

18) Elementary Spanish 2 (SPAN 102).