Handbook | Kimberly



It is with great pride that I welcome you to the Kimberly High School 2016-2017 school year. As a student of Kimberly High School, you will find exceptional academic programs and a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities.  Outstanding student behavior and “Bulldog Pride” are a hallmark of our school.


As the new school year begins, utilize this planner to create an academic focus and to detail the steps to which you will attain your goals. Include benchmarks and specific dates to see your forward moving progress. Our community of parents, teachers, and friends can be excellent resources in helping you reach your goals.


The 2016-2017 school year is one of great possibilities. I hope to encourage you to look at each day with optimism and enthusiasm: A page not yet written in the story of your life.



                 Dominik Unger                                                                                                                               Principal







                                Mr. Dominik Unger                                Principal

Mr. Kirby Bright                                    Dean of Students

Mr. Kirby Bright                                    Athletic Director

Mrs. Debbie Klug                                   Counselor

Ms. Jamie Poulton                                  Secretary

Mrs. Stephanie Sievers                           Secretary

Mrs. Susan Hicks                                   Secretary

Kimberly Police Dept.                            Resource Officer








   Labor Day                                September 5, 2016

  Thanksgiving                             November 23-25, 2016

  Christmas Vacation                  Dec. 19, 2015 – Dec.30, 2016

  New Year’s Holiday                 Jan. 1, 2017

  President’s Day                        February 20, 2017

  Spring Break                             March 20- 24, 2017

  Memorial Day                          May 29, 2017





                                                                        No School                                                        Sept 2, 2016

                                                            State In-service Day                                          Oct 6-7, 2016

                                                                        Early Release-1:15 Teacher Workday                  Oct 19, 2016

                                                                        Early Release-1:15 End of 1st Quarter                   Oct 28, 2016

Parent Teacher Conf.-5:30–8:30 p.m.              Nov 8, 10,  2016

No School                                                              Nov 11,2016

Early Release-1:15 Teacher Workday                    Dec 7, 2016

No School                                                               Jan 16, 2017

No School-Teacher Workday                                Jan 23, 2017

No School-Teacher Workday                                 Feb. 3, 2017

Early Release-1:15 Teacher Workday                    Mar 1, 2017

Early Release-1:15 End of 3rd Quarter                   Mar.31, 2017

Parent Teacher Conf.-5:30-8:30pm                    Apr. 4, 6, 2017

No School                                                               Apr. 7, 2017

Early Release-1:15 Teacher Workday                  Apr.19, 2017

                         Graduation (7:00 pm KHS Gymnasium)             May 25, 2017

Last Day of School – 1:30 pm Dismissal               June 2, 2017



                        1st Semester.  . . . Aug. 29, 2016-Jan 20, 2017

                                        2nd Semester. .. . Jan. 24, 2017-June 2, 2017




                                                 Period 1/2---------------8:10-9:30

                                                 Period 3/4---------------9:30-10:50

                                                 Period 5/6--------------10:50-12:10


                                                   Period 7/8--------------12:40-2:00

                                                 Period 9/10------------2:00-3:20


Assembly Schedule

8:10-8:40  1st mod

8:40-9:10  2nd mod

9:10-10:10  Assembly

10:10-10:40  3rd mod

10:40-11:10  4th mod

11:10-11:40 5th mod

11:40-12:10 6th mod


Normal schedule for the afternoon


Early Release Schedule

8:10-8:37     1st mod

8:37-9:04      2nd mod

9:04-9:31      3rd mod

9:31-9:58     4th mod

9:58-10:25   5th mod

10:25-10:52    6th mod

10:52-11:19    7th mod

11:19-11:46    8th mod

11:46-12:16   Lunch

12:21-12:48   9th mod

12:48-1:15   10th mod



     The "School Immunization Law" requires the following immunizations for students enrolled in preschool and kindergarten through 12th grades:     

a. Diphtheria/Tetanus Vaccines - four doses

b. Polio Vaccine - three doses

c. Measles Vaccine - one dose

d. Mumps and Rubella Vaccines - one dose each

     Exemptions will be allowed for medical, religious, or personal reasons upon completion of an appropriate exemption form and presentation of supporting documentation.  Parents completing an exemption form should be aware that their child may be excluded from school in the case of a disease outbreak. 




     In general, conferences with the counselor will be arranged at the student's request.  Students not having permission should request a conference by signing up in the office before school, between classes, at lunch, or after school.  The counselor will send for the student from class as soon as possible.

     When sent to the office by a teacher, the student must be accompanied with a pass from that teacher.  Prior to a student being called to the office during class time, teachers will be contacted by the office to make certain it is convenient.




     The following regulations will apply to class changes:

     1. Course drops and adds may be allowed only during the first week of the semester. A signature of both the teachers of the courses being added and dropped as well as a parent's/guardian's signature is required.

    2.  No new courses may be added after one week into the semester.

    3.  Courses dropped after the first week of a semester may receive a failing grade for the semester.

    4.  Class changes must be made before or after school.




Grade classification by minimum credits required (Semester Configuration):

                0 -16    Freshman                                   33-48   Junior

                17-32   Sophomore                                 48+      Senior


Credit:  one credit is granted for each course successfully completed per semester.

Academic grades are issued by each teacher for each course.

The grades are from the highest to lowest:

A+ = 100-98              B  =  86-83           C- =72-70

A   = 97-93                B- =  82-80           D+=69-67

                                                A- =  92-90                C+ =  79-77         D =66-63

B+ = 89-87                C  =  76-73           D-=62-60

F - 59 or below- failing                           P - passing

I - incomplete (must be completed within a reasonable period, not to exceed a maximum of two weeks, or the grade reverts to "F")   Teachers will inform students as to specific requirements for removing the incomplete.

WF - Withdrawn failing.  FA - Failure due to attendance violation.


Unweighted Grading Scale is based on a 4 point standard and will be used to file transcript grades and communicate with colleges and universities.  (GPA is determined by adding the points earned for each course and then dividing by the number of courses.)

A - 4 points          D - 1 point

B - 3 points          F - 0 points

C - 2 points          P - Pass - this option is not counted in the GPA.




In order for a student to be considered to be a valedictorian/salutatorian, they must successfully complete at least 5 of the 8 following classes and have the highest GPA at the end of their senior year. If there is more than one student with the highest GPA then there shall be multiple valedictorians.


AP English 12         Spanish III

Honors English 12  Anatomy and Physiology

Chemistry                Physics

Pre-Calculus            Statistics


Course load (full-time enrollment):  A student must be enrolled in no less than seven mods per semester to be considered a full time student.  Students must be granted permission from the principal, superintendent, or board to be enrolled in less than seven mods per semester.


Graduation requirements:

52 credits: 39 of which are required courses

               13 of which are elective credits

          Required credits include:

Language Arts - 9 credits total including:

English 8 (must take 2 English credits during senior year)

                                Speech -   1

Health/PE - 3 credits total including:

                                Health - 1

                                P.E. -  2

Humanities -    4 credits total from the following:

Courses in literature, history, philosophy, architecture, foreign                                                                                                                                                                                  language, or fine arts (band, choir, or art).

Vocational – 4 credits total from the following:

         Courses in Ag Science, Business, Technology, Debate, and Music

Math - 6 credits total

(Must take Geometry and Algebra I standard courses and take 2 credits math during Senior year).

Science   - 6 credits total

(4 of these credits must be Lab Science)

U.S. History - 4 credits total

Government - 2 credits total

Economics  - 1 credit total


The Core Curriculum:

     Upon completing the requirements for graduation, a diploma will be awarded only if the student has successfully passed the Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium Test (SBAC), must have a “C” average in their required credits for graduation, have completed a Senior Project-both oral and written, and have taken either the ACT, SAT or Compass test by the end of grade 11.


     The following table compares minimum district graduation requirements with those recommended for college or university bound students.


                                       High School            Advanced High School

Subject                                                 Program                        College Bound


ENGLISH                                               8                                              8

SPEECH                                               1                                              1

MATHEMATICS                                       6                                              6

SCIENCE                                               6                                              6

HUMANITIES                                          4                                              4

SOCIAL SCIENCES:                                                                            

     U.S. HISTORY                                 4                                               4   

     GOVERNMENT                                2                                              2

     ECONOMICS                                   1                                               1

HEALTH                                                1                                               1

PHYSICAL EDUCATION                         2                                               2         

FOREIGN LANGUAGE                                                                            4

PROFESSIONAL TECHNICAL                4                                                4


ELECTIVES                                         10                                           12

TOTAL                                                 52                                           60




                The following courses (may not always be available due to staffing) may be taken for dual credit or advanced placement. Dual credit is granted through the College of Southern Idaho: College Algebra (Math 143), Pre-Calculus (Math 147), Calculus (Math 170), Intro to Statistics (Math 253), Fitness (PHY 106), Advanced Health (PHY 155), Spanish 3 (SPAN 101 and 102), Fundamentals of Health (ALLH 202), Elementary Aide (EDU 202 and 203), Psychology (PSYC 101), U.S. History II (HIST 112), U.S. Government (POLS 101), Anatomy & Physiology (BIOL 127), English 12 (ENG 101), American Sign Language (SIGL 101&102), Economics (ECON 201), Speech (COMM 101), English (AP), Advanced Art (AP), Music Appreciation (MUSI 100).




     Students who choose to take course work for college credit may have additional costs associated with the course including, but not limited to: tuition, textbooks, supplies, and other potential expenses.



     Student aides will receive one full credit per semester.  To be eligible to become a student aide, an application must be filled out by student and the student may be interviewed by the administration.



     Some classes that a student chooses to take may require a fee for materials used by the student.  Additional fees may be charged for functions or activities provided for the students.  The following fees have been set for this school year:

Student Activity Card                                                $35.00

Student Yearbook                                                     $45.00

Laundering Fee (required for Athletics)                         $6.00

Baseline Concussion Test (required for athletes)           $5.00

PTSO Membership (optional)                                       $5.00

Booster Club (optional)...........                                   $10.00

Parking Permit.......................                                  $16.00

Drivers Education                                                    $175.00

Key Club……………………                                       $17.00

FFA........................................                                 $20.00

NHS.......................................                                  $8.00

BPA…………………………                                       $20.00


*School Fees are assessed for optional activities, clubs, organizations, and classes.




     Kimberly High School has an excellent cafeteria that prepares wholesome "Class A" food at reasonable prices.  Hot lunches, snack items, and salads are served.  Lunches may be purchased for $1.95 on a cash basis or bought in multiple day meal tickets.   Students eligible for reduced rate or free lunches must complete the necessary forms at the beginning of each school year.


  These forms must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the District Office before the program can be initiated.



     A health permit from a doctor will be necessary for a student to be excused from certain activities in the physical education classes.  Such permits will be issued only when such requests are accompanied by a doctor's prescription.  If the medical reason will keep the student out of P.E. for two to four weeks, the schedule can be changed in the counseling office.  Students meeting limited or restricted physical education should consult the counseling office.  A restricted physical education permit should list the activities in which the pupil can or cannot participate.



     Enjoy the KHS Media Center/Library.  It is a learning center where a full range of print and audiovisual media, necessary equipment, and services from media personnel are accessible to both student and teachers.  The chief responsibility of the media specialist is to provide a learning environment appropriate to the needs of the school community.

     The Media Center is open before and after school.  Arrangements may be made with the media specialist to use the center during the lunch period.

     Regular books may be checked out for a four week period.  Old magazines may be checked out for a one week period.  Current magazines, AV materials, and reference materials may be checked out for overnight use.  Vertical files may be checked out for a one week period.

     Students are welcome to use the computers in the Media Center as they are available.  There are various materials offered on our computers, such as Career Information Services, word processing, and electronic encyclopedias.


                                                                VIDEO POLICY

     Students have the option of excusing themselves from any material being shown by instructors they or their parents might find objectionable.  An alternative assignment will be given by the instructor in lieu of video.



     The board of trustees has authorized the use of video cameras on district policy to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of all staff, students, and visitors to Kimberly High School.  Video cameras will be located in areas deemed necessary and appropriate by the superintendent and high school administration.  Information gathered from video recordings may become part of a student’s educational record in case of a disciplinary matter school.  Students must receive administrative approval and a parent or guardian must be notified before a student will be allowed to leave school.  It is important that the school be provided with the current telephone number where parent or guardians may be reached



     Students shall not take medication, whether prescription or other drugs, including aspirin, while at school, unless such medicine is given them by the teacher, principal, secretary or other authorized school employee, acting under specific written request of the parent or guardian and under the written directive of the student's personal physician.




     There is not a designated clinic or sick room at the high school.  A student who becomes ill at school should request a pass from their teacher and report to the office.  All students must check out in the office for any reason before leaving school.  Students must receive administrative approval and a parent or guardian must be notified before a student will be allowed to leave school.  It is important that the school be provided with the current telephone number where parent or guardians may be reached.



     Visitors to Kimberly High School must report to the office immediately upon entering the building.  At no time should a visitor call a teacher or student from class for a conference at the door of the room.  Students from neighboring schools are not permitted to visit classes at Kimberly.  Unauthorized visitation on the campus is criminal trespass and may result in charges being filed.  Unauthorized visiting of other school campuses by Kimberly students is prohibited.  Visitors wishing to attend social   activities at KHS must have an enrolled student request and obtain a guest pass in advance.  Visitors to social activities must be less than twenty-one (21) years of age. No middle school students are allowed.



     Teachers will make efforts to provide progress reports to students who are in danger of failing.  These may be sent whenever needed.  Teachers are also encouraged to contact parents by phone any time there is a significant problem which is interfering with the learning process. Parents may check on student progress at any time through the “Power School” portal.



     Parents will be provided with progress reports at the end of each nine and eighteen week reporting period.  Progress reports are available for pick up at Parent Teacher Conferences.  Semester report cards will be mailed home to parents.



     Students, parents, or legal guardians of students may see records which are directly related to the student.



     Any time a student is to participate in a school trip off-campus an emergency care form must be on file.   Students will be expected to comply with all school rules during school-sponsored trips.



     To make the most of the high school experience, students are encouraged to become involved with one or more of the athletic and/or academic activities.  Opportunities available at Kimberly High School include:  football, volleyball, girls' basketball, boys' basketball, girls’ softball, boys’ baseball, wrestling, track, cross country, rodeo, golf, debate, speech, FFA, technology, Business Professionals of America, band, choir, ski/snowboard, Key Club, publications, SPARK, Club Mad, swim club, dance team, cheerleading, National Honor Society, and Student Government.

     Students planning to enroll in a college or university following high school should be aware that successful involvement in co-curricular activities is one of the criteria often required in the admission process.

     When attending an athletic contest, students will be required to exhibit outstanding sportsmanship and sit in designated seating areas for students.



     Based upon the input of parents, students, teachers, coaches, and others involved in student activities programs, officials representing the Kimberly School District find that a mandatory random drug testing program for all high school students involved in Idaho High School Activities Association (IHSAA) sanctioned activities is necessary for the following reasons:

1. Health and safety of the individual and others - any students participating in a student activity under the influence of an illegal drug or alcohol is a danger to everyone.

2. Prevention - many students will be able to say “no” to drugs because they will have a legitimate reason: “I want to participate.

3. Students who publicly represent our district in various IHSAA sanctioned activities and who test “drug free” will serve as role models for other students, especially younger students, encouraging those other students to become “drug free” or discouraging those other students from experimenting with drugs or alcohol.

4. Intervention - students desiring to participate in IHSAA activities will seek professional, clerical, or parental assistance for their drug or alcohol problem.

     The Board of Trustees for the Kimberly Joint District No. 414 believes that this program gives a strong message to the student body and to the community that drugs and alcohol are not acceptable and offers assistance in getting free and staying free from drugs.



     To be eligible to participate in athletics, students must have an overall 2.0 GPA, and be passing 75% of their classes from the previous semester.

     Any student in extra-curricular activities cannot participate in a contest, of on the day of the contest they miss more than one class period.  The missed period must be an excused absence.  Any other additional period missed, must be approved by the administration before the student can participate.



     Before any class or organization can purchase items from a store, a purchase order or requisition must be obtained from the office with permission of the principal.  Items purchased without an approved requisition or purchase order will be the responsibility of the person making the purchase. 



     Activity cards are required of all students who participate in co-curricular activities.  The activity card allows students to attend athletic activities at no charge and other events at reduced rates. 



     The Kimberly Student Council serves as a role model to the rest of the members of Kimberly High School. They abide by the rules and help to enforce the rules in the student handbook.  Members support their peers their teachers, and school activities.  The Kimberly Student Council is in charge of the class activities including the necessary fund raising activities for the year. Student Council members must maintain an overall 2.5 GPA and have no major disciplinary concerns.



     If it is necessary for a student to withdraw from school, the parent or guardian should inform the school of this decision.  The student should then secure a check-out form from the high school office.  Classes should not be interrupted in order to complete the check-out form.  The check-out form must be returned to the high school office when completed.



   Regular attendance and punctuality are required of every student.  Students who have good attendance generally achieve higher grades, enjoy school more and are much more employable after leaving high school.  Kimberly Public School District expects all students to attend school regularly and be on time for all classes in order to benefit from the instructional program and to develop habits of punctuality, self-discipline, and responsibility.  Occasionally students may miss school due to a parent approved appointment; in this case the student must be in attendance for at least half of the class in order to be counted as present. 



1.  A student may not be given credit for any class, if the student has more than two days of unexcused absences or a cumulative total of more than four absences (both excused and unexcused), during a semester.  A "0" grade may be recorded for the semester grade and shown as an “FA” on the report card.


  1. Any student that has violated the attendance policy will be reviewed by the administration and considered for an administrative waiver. An administrative waiver is usually granted in the case of extended illness or other circumstances beyond a students' control.
  2. A student who is not given an administrative waiver has the option to be placed on an attendance contract, make-up the time missed, and have regular attendance the next semester to regain credit for the previous semester.
  3. Upon request of the student, violations of the student attendance contract will be evaluated by the attendance review board.
  4. Upon loss of credit parents may request an appeal to the school principal within 5 days following notification of loss of credit.
  5. Any student having 8 or more absences (excluding school-sponsored activities) may be dropped from enrollment.The high school attendance board will review requests for reinstatement and/or consideration for credit.



     An excused absence is given for illness, severe family emergency, or death in the family.  For every illness in excess of five days or for three consecutive days of illness, a physician's written statement will be required.  Parent's permission does not necessarily mean that the district will be able to excuse the absence.  An excused absence entitles the student to an opportunity to make up the work missed for credit.  The responsibility for securing assignments and making up the work is the student's.  Failure to return the completed work to the teacher in a reasonable time will result in a zero for that assignment.   As a rule, students will be allowed as many days as they were excused absent to make up their work.  Extensive long term projects and research papers may be an exception to this rule, and may be due upon the students return to class. Teachers and administration have the authority to make exceptions based on individual needs. (KSD School Board Policy 3122)



     From time to time students may miss classes because of co-curricular activities.  All assignments, quizzes, and tests must be made up within a reasonable length of time.  Failure on the student’s part to complete the assignments within the prescribed time will result in a zero for course work.  It is also the student’s responsibility to clear the absence with the school office.




     The parents or guardian should verbally communicate with the office in the case of absence as soon as is practical, by dialing 423-4170 ext. 3146 at the High School. Absences not cleared within one week will be unexcused and no further attempt will be made to contact the parent or guardian.  It is recommended that students seek prior approval for an excused absence in order to obtain assignments before they are absent from school. It is the parents or guardians responsibility to clear the absence. (KSD School Board Policy 3122)



  Absences without parental and administrative approval, non-school sponsored activities, errands, employment, job interviews, truancy, leaving class without permission, leaving school without permission, oversleeping, and lateness returning from lunch are some examples of unexcused absences.


     Students who miss school without having an approved excused absence may not upon discretion of the classroom teacher and administration receive credit for work missed during the unexcused absence period(s). Zeros may be given for grades taken during periods with unexcused absences. Unexcused absences may result in disciplinary action.   It is extremely important that students and parents realize the decision of whether an absence is an unexcused absence or an excused absence rests in the decision of the school.  Any absence, regardless of the number, will be considered and dealt with on its own merit. (KSD School Board Policy 3122)



Students who are absent without the knowledge and consent of parents or the school will be classified as truant. This classification shall also apply to any students who fail to report to an assigned class within the school day or who leave school without checking out with the school secretary and authorization from the principal.

  • No make-up work or credit will be given for class periods or days classified as truant.
  • Students attending under the Compulsory Attendance Law who accumulate excessive truancies may be referred to the Status Offender Services of the Fifth Judicial Court.

(KSD Board Policy 3122)



     Tardiness to individual classes shall be handled by the teacher of the class involved. A student who is more than 10 minutes late to class may be assigned detention by the teacher. For each tardy a student will be assigned a detention.  An unexcused tardy in excess of 40 minutes will be counted as an unexcused absence. Excessive tardies may result in additional detentions, Saturday school or in-school suspension.



     Students must have parental and school permission before leaving the campus except at lunch or at the end of their regular school day.   Any student leaving during school hours must have permission from the office and are required to sign out in the office. Any student leaving campus without checking out may get detention. Additional violations of this policy may result in further disciplinary action.   Students who are at least 18 years old may sign themselves out early for reasons such as job interviews, college visits, driver testing, etc., only after verification of the appointment with the organization being visited.  Permission to leave school early may be denied for what is considered a non-valid reason.



     Students are expected to come to class with necessary materials and to take care of restroom needs between classes.  Hall passes may be granted from class at the discretion of the classroom teacher. Students out of class during class time without an appropriately written pass will be subject to disciplinary action.



     Students are expected to take pride in the building and campus and to help maintain them.  Students who destroy, deface, or steal school property will be required to pay in full for repair or replacement of the property and will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.



    Students are to park their cars only in the designated areas in front of the high school, and must purchase a parking permit in order to park on school property.  Students are expected to operate motor vehicles in a safe manner while on school property.   Violations of parking provisions will result in the loss of parking privileges.  



     Gifts that are delivered to the school for students may be picked up in the office at lunch or at the end of the school day.  This procedure is necessary in order to protect instructional time.    



     Announcements, bulletins, and posters advertising any activity which is neither sponsored by the school nor closely related to the work thereof shall not be permitted in Kimberly High School. All posters and announcements regarding school activities must be approved by a sponsor or the administration prior to being placed in the school.



     Students should be careful about leaving valuables in their lockers and may provide their own locks for added security.  Materials which may be offensive in nature shall not be displayed inside or outside of school lockers.  Lockers are the property of the school and subject to inspection by school officials at any time.


     Students will not be permitted to use office phones unless an emergency exists.  Students will not be called out of class for phone calls.



     Announcements will be read/viewed daily during first period.  All announcements must have administrative approval and be turned in to the office by 1:30 p.m. the day preceding the announcement.



     The textbooks used by each student are the property of the school.  Textbooks are issued for student use during the time of enrollment in school and must be returned at the end of the school term or when the student withdraws from school or has a schedule change.  Textbooks should be numbered and coded with the teacher keeping a record of the books issued to each student.  Occasional book checks may be conducted to be certain that students have their own textbooks.

     Lost textbooks must be paid for by the student to whom they were issued.  This will be paid in the office, and the student will be given a receipt.  A new book will not be issued until the student pays for the one which has been lost and shows the receipt to the teacher.  If the lost textbook is found, the student must present the book and receipt in the office in order to obtain a refund.  Request for refund should be requested no later than the last day of school.

     Fines for damage to textbooks may be assessed.  If a book is damaged to the extent that it cannot be used again, the full price of the book will be charged.

     A student will not receive records or be allowed to re-enroll until the textbooks record is clear.



     It is the policy of Kimberly High School to preserve and maintain in good order all properties belonging to the school.  Mindful of its obligation to make the property available for authorized public use, the school must see that the properties are safeguarded.  School authorities shall take appropriate legal or disciplinary action against all trespassers.  A trespasser is any student or other person present on school property without expressed permission from a school official.



     Kimberly High School advocates that while education is a right of our youth, it is not an "Absolute Right."  It is qualified by eligibility requirements and performance requirements.  The school is concerned with the individual and his/her welfare; but in working with the individual, it will at all times be concerned with the welfare of the group.

     While it is impossible to make policy that will satisfy all people, the following are considered obligations shared by all students

 ...come to school tobacco, drug, and alcohol free, everyday.

  ...show up on time, with appropriate learning materials, to every class.

  ...keep our school and campus litter free.

  ...treat yourself and others with courtesy and respect.

  ...refrain from the use of abusive, discourteous, threatening, or improper language.

  ...make high school a positive experience for yourself and those around you.


Violations of these guidelines will result in disciplinary action commensurate with the severity of the offense.



     Students are expected to dress appropriately for a school setting which is the students’ workplace. This means students are to dress in such a manner

that their clothing or grooming does not become a distraction to the educational process or jeopardize the health and/or safety of themselves or others. Therefore the following guidelines will be enforced:

Any student attire that is considered disruptive to the educational process will not be allowed.  The standard of dress applies to ALL school-sponsored activities.  Students are to observe the following:

  • No hat/cap is to be worn in the building (including sunglasses)
  • No obscene or inappropriate messages or artwork on clothing or jewelry
  • No tobacco, alcohol, and controlled substance related advertisement
  • No exposed midriffs, or excessively “sagging” pants
  • No display of underwear (this includes bra straps)
  • No spaghetti string blouses/dresses, tank tops, tube tops, off the shoulder tops, half tops, halter tops, muscle shirts or tops with plunging necklines (no cleavage) or transparent (see-through) clothes.
  • No Self-altered shirts (cut-off sleeves)
  • No gang-related attire
  • No bandannas or sweatbands
  • No pajamas, slippers, other sleepwear
  • Visible body piercing, magnetic/glued jewelry on the face, eyes, arms, hands, tongue is also prohibited. Students will be asked to remove piercings during school hours (Earrings are allowed).
  • Spike, chains, wallet chains, studs, bolts, dog collars, needles, pins, sharp objects, or other jewelry deemed unsafe is not allowed at school.
  • Skirts, shorts must be a modest length (No shorter than 3 inches above the knee.)


For the complete Kimberly Dress Code Policy, see the Kimberly School District website (www.kimberly.edu).


     If the administration determines that a student’s attire is disruptive of the educational atmosphere or is detrimental to the health and safety of the student or other students, or otherwise violates this policy, that student will be asked to change their clothes (if possible) at school, or they will be sent home to change into suitable clothing before coming back to school. All time missed from classes for failure to adhere to this policy may be deemed as an unexcused absence. Repeated failure to follow this policy may result in disciplinary action.



All students are expected to refrain from unacceptable public displays of affection whether in school, on school grounds, on buses, or at any district sponsored event, on campus or elsewhere. Unacceptable public displays of affection include, but are not limited to, any prolonged embracing and/or kissing, inappropriate touching, and touching of a sexual nature. Unacceptable public displays of affection at school are in poor taste, disruptive to the educational environment, and may violate sexual harassment laws. Students who violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, counseling and/or parental intervention.



     Whenever a student is guilty of cheating or plagiarism, the teacher shall collect the student's paper, mark a zero for the work, and notify the parent and office as to the action taken.  Additional disciplinary action may be taken by the principal including suspension for repeated occurrences.



     Use of i-pods, mp3 players, radios, cell phones and other electronic devices by students is allowed before and after school and at lunch as long as it is not a disruption or can be heard by others around them. Use of these devices within the classroom during school time will be decided by each individual teacher.

If personal devices are used to intimidate or likewise record actions of other students, the device may be confiscated. The school is not responsible if these items are lost or stolen.



     Any student causing, attempting to cause, or threatening to cause physical injury to another person shall be subject to disciplinary action including suspension or recommendation for expulsion.

     Students who knowingly and/or voluntarily possess, handle, transmit or use an instrument that can be used as a weapon of any kind will be subject to disciplinary action.

     Possession, use, or attempt to use anything as a weapon shall result in disciplinary action including suspension or recommendation for expulsion. (Safe School Act)



     Students riding school buses are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is not a distraction to the driver and that does not jeopardize the safety of others.  Students riding the bus are under the jurisdiction of the driver and are subject to disciplinary action by the school.  The privilege of riding the bus may be revoked if a student is a problem on the bus.



      Food and drink is allowed to be brought into school before school, during lunch and after-school. Each individual teacher has the right to not allow food or drink within their own individual classroom. Food or drink is not allowed in the library or computer labs.  If you spill food or drink it is your responsibility to clean it up. Failure to do so may result in detention.



     The Kimberly School District and board of trustees are committed to a school atmosphere free from drugs and alcohol.  The goal of a school environment free from alcohol and/or drugs requires that school district and high school administrators, as well as all staff members, treat any violations of this policy immediately and in full accordance with state laws and district policies.     If a student uses, possesses, provides, distributes, or sells alcohol, or any controlled substances, or drug paraphernalia, or mind altering medication (whether controlled or not) on or about the school grounds, or at any school sponsored activities, disciplinary action will be taken resulting in up to a five day school suspension. 

     A second offense in one school year will result in the student being recommended for expulsion.  The administration has the option to recommend expulsion on a first offense.  The administration will notify authorities in either offense. (KSD school board policy 3620)



     If any student at school, at a school-sponsored activity, or at any other school campus, should (1) provoke any disturbance, (2) damage any property, (3) incite, encourage, promote, or participate in a riot, a sit-in, a walkout, a blockage of entrances, a trespass violation, or (4) otherwise interfere with normal educational processes, that student shall, at the discretion of the principal, be disciplined and charged with violating applicable municipal, state, and/or federal laws.



    Behavior that is intimidating, threatening or disruptive, and/or which is associated with gang or cult membership is forbidden, including solicitations to join or become associated with a gang or cult.

     Apparel, jewelry, accessories, notebooks, or any manner or grooming which, because of its cut, color, the way it is worn, its trademark or any other characteristic, symbolizes known or suspected gang or cult connotations is prohibited.  Each school, as a part of the normal rule-making process, shall identify the gang or cult related articles, grooming, etc., that will be forbidden at that site and inform parents and students of their prohibition.

     Students, as well as guests, visitors and spectators at co-and extra-curricular events, wearing such apparel or groomed to such effect may be required to change clothing, modify grooming or remove accessories.  They may be sent home for such purpose, refused admission to events, or removed and be subject to arrest.  Repeat student offenders will be subject to discipline up to and including recommendation for expulsion. 



     Harassment is defined as any verbal or sexual conduct and/or physical contact which, when identified and stated by the recipient as unwelcome or personally offensive does not cease.  Students who engage in harassment/bullying will be subject to disciplinary action.



     The following infractions are considered serious and may result in suspension and the need for a conference between the student, parent, and Principal:

1.  Disrespect/Defiance: continual refusal to comply with a reasonable request by school personnel and/or disrespectful language or actions toward school personnel.

2.  Fighting: this includes both violent physical contact and/or persistent threats.

3.  Inappropriate sexual contact.

4.  Tobacco: use or possession on school premises, or while participating in a school sponsored activity.

5.  Vehicles: operating a vehicle in an unsafe manner on or near school property.

6.  Threatening, harassing, and/or bullying of other students.

 NOTE:  Students will be given an opportunity to make up daily class work

missed during the suspension with a maximum of 60% credit being allowed.  Major assignments other than daily work will receive full credit.  Credit granted for make-up work while on suspension is a separate issue from consideration of a suspension as an attendance issue.  Please Note: For attendance purposes, suspension absences are counted as “unexcused” absences and could result in loss of credit due to attendance (FA) or a requirement of an attendance contract to regain lost credit. 



     Discipline for violation of policies, procedures, rules, and regulations established for Kimberly High School include, but are not limited to, the following for minor violations:


Step 1 - Verbal Warning

Step 2 - Classroom Consequence

Step 3 - Conference with Teacher

Step 4 - Phone or Written Communication with Parents

Step 5 - Student/Parent/Staff Intervention

Step 6 - Removal from Class - Conference with Administrator


Major behavioral offences may also include the following:



     Detention is time that a student must serve outside of the regular school day.  Detention time is generally assigned for minor infractions of school rules.  If a student receives detention parents will be notified. Detentions can be served either in the morning before school or right after school. Morning detention is from 7:30 to 8:00 am and is in the detention room (fishbowl) located in the office. After school detention is from 3:25 to 3:55 pm right after school. The student serving detention will be notified to the exact location at the time the detention is assigned. Students are expected to remain quiet, behave themselves, and bring school work to do during detention. Any student misbehaving, missing detention, or not working during detention will be sent to the office and receive additional detentions or in-school suspension.  Cell phones or other personal electronic devices are not allowed in the detention room.



     In-school suspension is an alternative to out of school suspension.  It is the students' last opportunity to stay at school on campus in a supervised educational environment.  In-school suspension may be assigned for violation of published rules, interference with school activities, incorrigible conduct, failure to attend detention, or persistent misbehavior during detention.

     Failure to attend in school suspension or improper behavior while there will be cause for immediate removal from the class and further disciplinary action. Cell phones or other personal electronic devices are not allowed in the suspension room.




     Saturday School and school service will be held from 8:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. each Saturday as needed.  Students will be required to bring school related work to Saturday School.  For the school service program, students will engage in cleanup and beautification activities on school grounds.

     Saturday School will primarily be used for students who are in violation of the attendance policy.  School service is designed for students who are habitually tardy or for disciplinary infractions.  Failure to attend or participate appropriately when assigned will result in additional disciplinary action.



     Suspension from school may occur as a result of multiple or blatant infraction of school rules.  Suspended students may not attend any school activity or be on school grounds without prior permission of the principal.  For waiver purposes, suspensions are counted as unexcused absences.

    Students will be advised specifically of the reason for suspension with written notification being furnished to the parent or guardian.  Following the suspension period, a conference with the parents and student will be required prior to re-admission to Kimberly High School.

     Any student seeking admission to Kimberly High School who is under suspension from another school system shall not be admitted until his suspension term has ended in the suspending district.



     A student may be expelled from Kimberly upon recommendation of the principal and confirming action by the School Board. Expulsion may be used in cases of severe misbehavior, violations of a legal or criminal nature, or persistent violation of school rules.



     At all school sponsored events in which the school is represented, students should conduct themselves according to accepted standards of conduct. Students engaging in disruptive or unsportsmanlike conduct will be removed from the contest and subject to disciplinary action.

    School dances are intended for students of the individual school.  Students who leave the dance may not re-enter.  Any student currently enrolled at KHS wishing to bring a non-KHS guests must obtain pre-approval for admission to the dance from the administration prior to the beginning of the dance.   Middle school students are not allowed to attend high school dances.

     Students attending any school sponsored activity are expected to abide by all rules and standards of conduct and are under the authority of school officials.



     Before any social function can be scheduled, it must be approved by the appropriate advisors and the principal.  Requests must be made far enough in advance to allow the activity to be placed on the school calendar at least one full week prior to the event.